Why We Love Coffee

Many of us love our coffee whether it’s a strong espresso, cappuccino with froth and a dash of cinnamon, flavored latte with soy or just plain black. The aroma alone is heaven especially early in the morning. Many of us are not human until we have our cup of fresh coffee. The drinks popularity has risen to such extents that a coffee maker machine is a must have appliance and Starbucks has become a place to study and have meetings.  Many interesting conversations and ideas take place with a cup of coffee in hand. But what makes it so alluring? Why do so many people love it, and see it as a part of their daily routine?  Why do we love coffee so much?

Here’s a few statistics:

  • Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world.
  • 50% of the population, equivalent to 150 million Americans, drink espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced/cold coffees.
  • Independent coffee shops equal over $12 billion in annual sales.
  • The average Espresso Drive-thru Business sells approximately 200-300 Cups of Espresso and Coffee Based Drinks per day
  • Over 50% of Americans over 18 years of age drink it every day. This represents over 150 million daily drinkers. 30 million American adults drink specialty coffee beverages daily; which include a mocha, latte, espresso, café mocha, cappuccino, frozen/iced coffee beverages, etc.
  • The United States imports in excess of $4 Billion worth of coffee per year.

Coffee cup consumption per day: Men drink as much as women; each consuming an average of 1.6 cups per day. Women seem to be more concerned about the price than men.  The average consumption in the United States is 3.2 cups of coffee per day

Time of Day: 65% is consumed during breakfast hours, 30% between meals, and the remaining 5% with other meals.

Preferences:  35% prefer black coffee and 65% prefer to add sugar and/or cream

So those are the statistics, here’s a few other reasons we found why people love coffee:

1. It makes you happy- 
Daily coffee drinking adds to your overall happiness because of the amounts of dopamine that it pumps into your bloodstream and reduces depression

2. It can jumpstart your memory! 
Coffee boosts your short term memory

3. It’s your personal antioxidant-
Due to its high caffeine content, is a great source of antioxidants which are cancer preventative and can help fight the negative effects of aging.

4. It helps with Digestion- It is a diuretic. Doctors recommended it as one of the natural tricks to "help move things along”. 

5. It cuts the risk of heart disease by 25% for women- Studies report that women who drink two to three cups of coffee per day have a 25% lower risk of death from heart disease. 

6. It cuts the risk of diabetes by 60%- It contains a group of compounds called quinines, which improve the body’s response to insulin. 

7. It motivates us to get out of bed! - Just the thought of coffee early in the morning gives us the reason to get out of bed.

8. Its Delicious!


Coffee beans are becoming more rare. The price of a cup of coffee is being driven up by a complex combination of weather events, pest and fungus outbreaks, speculation on commodities exchanges, an unstable labor market in the developing world, and an unprecedented thirst for good coffee among a growing global middle class. The problem, in simple economic terms, is that supply has gone down and demand has gone up.

Cappuccino with Milk Froth and a dash of cinnamon

Cappucino with milk froth