Sebold's beautiful writing style is full of emotion and understanding that will grip you. It will make you smile and cry at the same time, a power few writers truly have down to an art as Sebold does.

I have never recommended this book to anyone, who did not go on to enjoy it!

The ending of the book (which I won't give away) seems poetic!


The ending of the book seems is a little too convenient!

Full Review

The story of Susie Salmon, a thirteen year old girl who is brutally raped and murdered by a serial killer, Lovely Bones is a sorry of grief, sorrow and heartbreak, but above all else hope.

The idea of having the first person narrative be controlled by a character who is, ultimately dead, is a wonderful idea that works so magically. Even upto this day, I have yet to read a book that is written in such an orginal, moving and compassionate style as Alice Sebold has used here. From the very first name; "My name was Salmon, like the fish, first name, Susie I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973. My murderer was a man from our neighborhood. My mother liked his border flowers, and my father talked to him once about fertilizer." Sebold draws you into this amazing world that is so inanely 'normal' but somehow different at the same time. It's the vague idea that Susie comes from an American Dream-type perfect world, that is inevitably marred by falsities and mistrust, trusting the people that should never be trusted, and running away from the people that you should trust the most.

The way that Susie watches as her family drift apart; her mother's affair, her father's obsession withcatching Susie's killer and her sister's growing up practically by herself, represent a type of society that truly exists, although so many try to deny it. So many try to make us believe that people don't act this way, but they do; it's only human.

And that, I think, is the hidden underbelly of Lovely Bones; what it is to be human, to fall in love, to grieve in unexpected ways, but then question what it would be like knowing that you will have your first kiss, or be part of those little things that are important to the people that you love.

Lovely Bones certainly makes you question the decision that people make that are considered wrong, and question whether we are wronging for judging people so easily.

In Closing

Anyone with a heart, or knows what it's like to be human will thoroughly enjoy this gritty book of loss and moving on, not only in life, but death too.