The Benefits of Indoor Plants

There are various reasons why plants are often found in the workplace. They provide oxygen in the air, can be bright, cheery relaxers and are usually a gratifying presence.  Some are known for their aesthetic qualities while some others are known for removing toxins from the air. One interesting tradition involves placing a money plant in a business with the belief or hope that it will bring luck to the owner or to the surrounding area where it is located.

Money Plant
Credit: jkirkhart35

Characteristics of a Money Plant

The money plant is a beautiful tropical plant from the Solomon Islands that exhibits showy and fragrant flowers that tend to be a pinkish, purple, mauve or white. It also displays seed pods which are round, silvery colored, paper thin and shaped like silver dollars. This plant is known by many names such as friendship, satin flower, moon wart, honesty and, most popularly called, jade plant.

It will thrive in low light areas and under fluorescent lighting even though the plant prefers bright, filtered sunlight. It is important to remember when caring for the plant is that it must not be over watered and needs adequate drainage. Recognize too that it is sensitive to cold and should not be located outside where the temperature goes below freezing. If you desire more of these plants where you work, these can be rooted easily from stem cuttings.  Many times you can even root the leaves in order to successfully start new ones.  

Peace Lily Care

Another plant that is often located in the workplace is the Peace Lily. One of its best known characteristics is its effectiveness in removing air pollutants, including benzine, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. It has stalks with white flowers and prefers filtered sunlight or medium to low light. Because it is considered water sensitive, you will see drooping or wilting leaves when under-watered and brown or yellow leaves when it is over-watered.  It is best to just keep the soil moist year round. Chlorinated water must be left sitting out for several hours to dissipate the chlorine if you are using it to water the plant. Proper humidity levels can be achieved by misting it regularly. This not only humidifies but can be beneficial in eliminating red spider mites which are common on the plants. If this does not get rid of the mites, a mild solution of soapy water will usually work. To maintain proper nutrients in the soil and provide adequate space for growing, they should be re-potted each year. The proper fertilizer has a ratio of 20-20-20 and should be applied in the spring and summer while the soil is moist. 

Rewards of Proper Plant Care

Learning how to correctly care for office plants and implementing a regular maintenance routine is essential for successful growing. However, the beneficial rewards and the pleasure gained is well worth the amount of time spent caring for them. From the enjoyment derived from their beauty to proven health benefits, they contribute to a pleasant work experience for many people and especially for those who might be fortunate enough to receive luck brought to them by a money plant.