Why do so many people eat fast food?

1. Connivence

People have become increasingly impatient these days, resulting in them wanting the preparation of their food to be FAST.  In this information and internet age consumed with the constant stimulation of flashing lights,  televised networked shows, and a constant bombardment of advertisements hitting you left and right, has caused the attention span of the masses to dwindle down to an all time low percentage.

The consumer culture that we have worked ourselves up to has created countless things for our lives to increase our productivity.  When you walk into a grocery store, you can see aisles and aisles of pre-made meals, covering shelves, and advertising short cooking times.  Apparently microwaving food at home is not enough for most, they want someone else to do it for them.  As they say 'time is money', and who has time to spend cooking food on a stove at home anymore?  People like to be served, and what better place to get served than by receiving at than your local fast foot restaurant? 


2. The Cost

One of the main allures of having fast food has to be the cost.  Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars doing grocery shopping for the month?  Cost is a big factor for most in determining which place to eat, and how much more appetizing is that sandwich or milkshake if it only cost one dollar?  I think it's a safe assumption to think that the cheapest places usually acquire the most costumers.  Specials such as dollar menus items and meals around five dollars are seen advertised all through fast food industries such as Mc Donald's, Wendy's, KFC, and Subway.


3. Advertisement 

People are are constantly surrounded with commercials on how good something tastes, and how cheap it is.  Advertisements can be seen throughout billboards on the highway, televised commercials, radio broadcasts, and internet.  People like being told what's good and what's not, and advertisements are able to give us enough incentive on what food we should spend our next dollar on.


4. Healthy Food Cost MORE 

It still baffles me how natural foods cost more than their chemically enhanced counterparts but that is how our present situation is.  Hopefully this will change sooner than later, but as it stands now it's very expensive to buy natural foods.  This is a problem because it motivates people to purchase unhealthier foods because of the costs.  Who wants to pay six dollars for a few apples?




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