The first thing you should do when looking for apartments in Austin, Texas is contact a local real estate agency that specializes in placing new residents with well to do apartment communities in and around the state capital. The service is not going to cost you one thin dime, but will allow you to reap some benefits that you would not have realized if doing this on your own. No one works for free, and the agents are paid by the property that they you place, as long as certain conditions are met. Most offer anywhere from a fifty to two hundred dollar cash bonus for you selecting them as your preferred housing locator, but do not expect anything if you are just looking for a three month, or month to month leasing situation.

The rental industry is pretty average in most parts of these United States, but Austin apts offer a level of living that most would not expect in a town of it's size. The reason behind this, is that are many large corporations with headquarters in the live music capital, and the average income is much higher than in cities like Dallas, or Houston, Texas. The scales are essentially tilted toward the white-collar crowd, and they have the financial means to live a much higher quality of life. That being said, you can expect to pay much higher monthly rental fees for these elegant floor plans, but what you get in return is a décor, and features that belongs in a custom home.

The average luxury Austin apartment will have appointments such as nine or ten foot ceilings with crown molding in the living room at least, and very high kitchens that you would never imagine in a rental unit. Some eAustin Aptsven offer built in entertainment centers, and hardwood flooring. In the master bath, you will be pleasantly surprised to find walk in showers, and garden tubs for two with jets. The community amenities will vary from resort or tropical paradise styling, and offer sun cabanas, outdoor kitchens, and dining pavilions for entertaining.

There are numerous pet friendly apartment properties in Austin, the newest offerings will have dog parks, and some even offer a dog washing area to help Rover keep his coat nice and gleaming on a regular basis. Austin apartments know that not all dogs weigh under ten pounds and their are many that offer acceptance of large breed dogs, like collies, labs, and gold retrievers. Be prepared to pay an extra monthly fee, and a non refundable cleaning deposit for your pooch, as this is only fair to the owner since there is always odor, and stain issues when a resident moves out. You will also find many services advertising in this type of complex for pet sitting, and or doggy day care, so your four legged loved one can be pampered while you are at work during the day.