Who says only the rich and celebrities get to go glamping?

You may not have a team of paid assistants planning and setting up camp for you. But the latest camping innovations will add that bit of luxury to your camping experience.

With the camping season upon us, it’s time to check out the latest camping equipment available in the market. You can find camping-related items in most local department stores, home improvement centres, groceries and of course the specialized outdoor equipment stores. If you can’t find these items on display up front, wander to the seasonal items or sporting goods section of the store. For most Canadians, a trip to  Canadian Tire or checking online at http://www.canadiantire.ca/home.jsp?site=WebStore is a great way to start. But anywhere that sells outdoor equipment will do as well.
You don’t need frivolity to enjoy luxury while camping. Most of the products are durable and reasonably priced. Here is a suggested luxury list of some improved camping items and able to add luxury to the camper. Most of these items are just the newer and improved versions of basic camping equipment. Any item on this list will surely bring you some comfort and ease.
1. Tents
Gone are the days of the green, cumbersome and heavy army tent. Modern tents now come in various colors and made of waterproof materials.  The corded poles that function as the tent frames are flexible, easy to connect and lightweight. Tent doors and windows have mesh flaps for more ventilation.
You can buy huge tents with multiple “bedrooms” with room to stand in. Need some privacy? You can increase or decrease the sleeping area of multi-room tents by zipping or un-zipping the dividers.

2. Beds
First there were sleeping bags, then air beds and now there are B.Y.OB.’s (Bring Your Own Bed). B.Y.O.B.’s are an improvement on airbeds. Instead of sleeping at ground level, an air bed mattress is elevated from the ground by a collapsible bed frame and comes with an electric pump. Some models offer memory foam mattress and even include the bed sheets and bed skirt. It can also be used as an extra bed at home for your house guests.

3. Portable Toilet
You can now wake up in the middle of the night and use your portable toilet instead of trudging sleepily to the public toilet. If you have fumbled in the dark with a flashlight or make many trips to bring your youngsters to the toilet, this is your saviour. There are different types of portable toilets. Some are foldable and lightweight, some are self-contained with its own water supply, some resemble large buckets with toilet seats and some are chemical toilets that eliminate odour and are easier to clean.  Some campers also buy a privacy tent to complete their modern outhouse. This is a smaller version of a regular tent. It just has enough room to stand in or sit. It conveniently has a mesh window for ventilation.
4. Mini Fridge and Electric Cooler
Bringing a fridge on a camping trip does have its benefits. Drinks are kept cold in your mini fridge and/or electric coolers. Now there is no need to get upset if you forgot to bring the ice. It also opens up more meal options than canned food. Remember that you need a power source for this appliance and it does take up a large space in your vehicle. Longer camping trips will benefit more from this luxury.

5. Portable Grill
Grilling and the outdoors are perfect partners. There are many portable grills that run on either electric, charcoal or propane. The key factors in choosing the right one for you are size, capacity, weight and portability. A good portable grill can also be used for your home backyard.

6. Screen kitchen tent
Similar to the sleeping tent, campers can now bring modern and lightweight screened tents for meal times. Keep out the bugs by dining in a screened kitchen tent. It conveniently keeps non-perishable items accessible and handy. Look for the product that is easy to set up.

7. Portable Sink
Have you ever washed pots and pans with a hose and a basin while sitting on your haunches? It is trying on the knees and difficult to do without help. You can now find a portable kitchen sink with a stand, hooks for utensils and a side board for chopping. This is really an upgrade from the basin!

8. Camping Chairs
Standard camping chairs are collapsible, come in a bag and may even have a drinker holder on the arm. Newer innovations have an extendable footrest, or include an umbrella for shade. Some even have two chairs attached by a table in the middle or have a larger flap attached to the umbrella for larger shade coverage. There are many options out there for everyone.

9. Solar-powered Lights
A flashlight is a must when camping. But you can also have solar-powered lights for tent lighting. There are small portable shed lights with small solar panels, just the right size for a tent. Charge it outdoors during the daytime and it will be ready for use at night. Light up the walkway to your tent with small, solar-powered garden lights. They will add a magical touch to your campfire time.  These solar-powered lights are portable and eco-friendly and can be used even for your home garage or shed.

10. Camping Generator
If your campsite has no electric power supply, a portable generator is your solution. Taking a sick or person with a disability is possible if the only problem was the power supply for their medical equipment. Although it is a big investment, it is also a great power backup for home emergencies.

Before you invest in any of these new camping equipment, do your research and find out consumer reviews on the products. Ask your friends if they own any of these and what they think. Go and inspect the product yourself. If possible, try them out. Compare prices and be a smart shopper. Now enjoy your camping trip in style and comfort.