The Magician tarot card is a popular card. It is usually the second card in the major arcane but has the number one assigned to it. The magician is a card that depicts a male creator. In most tarot decks, the magician is featured with one hand pointing up and another pointing down. Many believe that this stance is to show us that he is getting his power from a higher being and is using that power on earth. The magician is standing beside a table that holds all of the suits in the tarot; the cups, the pentacles, the swords and the wands. He is usually seen with a halo above his head.

The Magician tarot card represents will and desire to create. The Magician is powerful and able to create things with the utterance of words. This tarot card represents the power of thought and it shows how important a thought is in the process of creating. When the magician tarot card shows up in a reading it could mean a new and original idea or the start of a new vision. The magician also signifies focus and being aware. It could represent someone who is good with words and has the ability sway people with words.

In a relationship reading the magician tarot card can signify the creation of a new relationship. And depending on the reading it could also mean that it is time to move on from old relationships and create new ones. If the card is reversed the magician in a relationship spread could represent someone who is a cheater or liar and is trying to sweet talk you or hide the truth from you.

When it comes to money and business the magician is usually a representation of a new idea and having the will power and ambition to make it happen. The magician tarot card is a card of action, so when it shows up in a reading it usually an encouragement to focus and act on your ideas.

The magician is the master of the physical world and symbolizes ideas, words, and creation. This is a good card to have when beginning a new journey.