Not the Biggest Market

If you're a bargain hunter and love catching up on all your favorite television programs, instead of paying a monthly subscription to Tivo , purchasing an HDD DVD Recorder will keep you in the loop of all your favorite shows without draining your bank account. Magnavox is a widely known consumer electronics company and their MDR515H HDD DVD Recorder has an impressive list of features that'll outshine most subscription services and devices. The HDD DVD Recorder market isn't the largest in the world, especially with Blu-ray taking over as the preferred format and DVRs crowding every living room, but because of cheaper DVD-R/RW prices, customers are still motivated to buying these devices. Let's take a look at a few features the MDR515H has to offer.

mdr515h hdd dvd recorderCredit: amazon

Hard Drive Space

Probably the most impressive feature the MDR515H has would be the 500GB of hard drive space. You can record up to 620 hours of movies and shows without ever laying a hand on a blank disc. It also offers four way dubbing and upconversion to 1080p. If you happen to have a 3DTV, this device has a 1.4 HDMI out which is necessary for you to enjoy 3D content. If it's important to you staying current and within range of the proverbial "Joneses", then a Magnavox wouldn't be a bad investment. Add chapters to your home movies, add close captioning text, and record up to 6 hours and 30 minutes all with one touch on the remote. Some of the basic features include a built-in digital tuner and a parental lock that'll keep those with kids worry free. Customers enjoy the ease of use of the product, and the ability to watch what you're recording without too much hassle.

Compared to Tivo

It's reported that Tivo is losing subscribers which isn't great news since its inception way back in 1999. Having to deal with patent lawsuits and increased competition from other DVR suppliers keeps business prospects not as desirable as they would like. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good service. It has an intuitive interface; it keeps all your on demand video organized; and they've had a couple of price drops to keep sales up. But a monthly subscription with all the other bills people have to pay isn't something to look forward too, especially if you're not a huge TV watcher. If 620 hours of content stored on a hard drive isn't enough for you, then by all means go for a Tivo subscription, but if you enjoy doing other things than watching TV, then an affordable one-time purchase of an HDD DVD Recorder will suffice in keeping you happy. Unless you plan on keeping the shows you record on television forever, then eventually you might run out of room. But typically, once you've seen a show, you're done with it making the subscription service a bit excessive.

Compared to Other HDD DVD Recorders

Also, customers coming from Toshiba's HDD DVD Recorders note how this device is a bit easier to use than the other brand. The remote is a big positive, it allows you to do most of the work on your couch. Magnavox has an earlier version with model number MDR0513H/F7 that has a lot of positive reviews, you get 387 hours of space which should be enough for most people.


Magnavox has been a pioneer of the consumer electronics business for many years now - manufacturing the world's first video game, inventing the loudspeaker which laid the foundation of audio equipment we see today, and having their brand name labeled on the world's first universal remote control. And although HDD DVD Recorders may not be found in every household in America, a Magnavox HDD DVD Recorder generally receives positive reviews from customers making them a go-to brand for many avid TV watchers.