As the maid of honor, you may be asked to, or you may simply want to, toast the bride and the groom. The time that the toasts take place will depend on the style and formality of the wedding and reception, as well as how casual or traditional the family is. There are a few guidelines to help you figure out when the best time to make your speech, but it's always best to check with the bride. Being totally prepared and aware of when your big moment is will be helpful to you, especially if you're nervous. And let's be honest, who doesn't get nervous speaking in front of a big group?

There's one rule of thumb for you that will take some pressure off: if you're making a toast, then the best man will also be speaking. Talk to him ahead of time to make sure he realizes you'll be making a toast and possibly introducing you. You two can come up with some signal or something so you know when you're speaking. You don't want the awkward pauses between speeches where you're wondering whether you're supposed to go next.

The appropriate time for toasting varies widely by region, as well as by how traditional or nontraditional the wedding is. The most traditional time is during the reception during dinner. Once everyone has been served, the best man or whoever is acting as emcee will get the guests' attention and make a toast, and then it will most likely be your turn. Of course, not every wedding reception includes a formal, seated dinner; some have buffets or hors d'oeuvres. In any event, simply check with the bride on when the toasts will be taking place so you can be ready with yours, and so you can help make sure it gets started on schedule.

The most common time for toasting is during the reception, but there are plenty of weddings where the toasts take place during the rehearsal dinner. Again, speak with the bride and/or best man ahead of time to be prepared.
Toasting the Couple Graciously and Entertainingly

There's really no wrong way to make a toast. It is important for you to stay true to yourself and your personal style, so don't feel the need to quote love poems if you're a cynic, or cite sarcastic marriage verses if you're a sap. You want to find a way to honor the bride and groom in your own way.