What causes terrorism to thrive despite current Western efforts?

Currently in the West, predominant thinking is that terrorism is caused by two factors:

1) Terrorists are acting because of social and political injustice. 

2) Terrorists act out in violence because they feel they have no other means. 


terroristCredit: Thanks to IrfaanPhotography @ Flickr for image

The two factors are true but they hardly concentrate on the real reason why terrorism is thriving, and will continue to do so if measures are not taken.  Terrorism primarily takes place through radical groups that teach their mutilated form of Islam to the uneducated in the Middle East.  The uneducated, especially the women, are what feeding the terrorist's endless supply of recruits.  Through the information below, I will bring attention to a second war on terror that must be waged if the West is to continue its current violent war.

Most everyone is aware that women are mistreated in the Middle East.  In fact, In some areas a woman is 1/4 of a man. Not only are women devalued but they are never given any education which has morbid effects.  Studies have shown that women are a main supporting column in the productive progress of society.  This statement is fortified by the fact that: women are the primary nurturer in a family and they usually impose their customs and mannerisms upon their children.  In short, uneducated women are far more vulnerable to any outside influence which will most likely be passed on to their children. 

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Terrorists in the Middle East are not only targeting soldiers from the West but they are also delivering propaganda to women in several regions.  One disadvantage described in "Three Cups of Tea" is that, due to social inequality between sexes, women cannot attend the same schools as men.  Unfortunately, there aren't many specialized schools for women except for those delivered by charitable contractors.  However, bringing attention to this fact will hopefully bring it into the public's eye.  Exposure of this reality could save us  a lot of troubles down the road.

 To conclude, Many people will still believe that terrorism is caused by hatred for the west or poverty.  The truth, however, is that uneducated women are stemming the roots to the continual spread of terrorism.  By bringing this topic to attention, you will be taking action to fight the continuation of this terrorist movement.  Rallying this into our main agenda could do some good in actually ending the terrorist meat grinder.  All you have to do is get the word out, tell a friend or neighbor what you read today and you'll have made a difference.

 "In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves... Self-discipline with all of them came first" quote from Harry S. Truman