In the past, there was only one kind of decorative, metal fence with which a homeowner could protect and beautify their property and that was one manufactured of wrought iron. Currently, the buyer is no longer limited to iron fencing but has more choices available. A particularly attractive decorative alternatives to iron is aluminum. If they wish, consumers can purchase aluminum fences designed to look like traditional decorative iron but that are superior to that metal in some ways. Choosing modern materials has some important advantages over traditional ones. For example, aluminum's superiority to other materials includes the fact that it does not rust like other metals and does not rot like wood.

In addition to its beauty, aluminum fencing is practically maintenance free. This feature is very desirable for busy property owners. Once a fence is constructed, it can practically be forgotten about. An aluminum fence may be constructed in a similar fashion one of wrought iron. It is suitable for setting on bricks or concrete footings and being inserted between pillars. Choice of all or some of the construction options will produce fences that meet homeowner expectations for authentic style and good looks. Because it needs no foundation, and an aluminum fence can be in contact with the ground which makes it less expense to install than other kinds of materials.

When it comes to gates, there are a number of styles that will match or compliment fences. There are traditional gates that match intricately patterned wrought iron. If fences are modern in character, the gate can also match the less complicated rendering of a contemporary or modern style. Rails can be placed along the top of fences giving a smooth, level appearance, or it may have pickets. Gates for picket fences are constructed to repeat the picket pattern of the fence. Similarly, aluminum fence gates are produced in the old-fashioned wrought iron style.

Because the metal of which they are made resists moisture, aluminum fences are perfect for perimeter fences for swimming pools. Similarly, these fences are suitable for Oceanside property. Neither dampness nor salt air affects aluminum.

Just as aluminum fencing is available in a variety of styles; it also comes at a number of price levels. Price is based upon the decorative design of a fence as well as the height and length that are divided into sections. A retailer that sells aluminum fencing by the section is Home Depot. The store packages fencing in four sections of 54" length each. Price quotes can be obtained from other sellers who will also sell by height and length. The buyer should get prices on everything needed for installation such as posts, fencing, and fasteners.