The Majesty, Mystery and Mysticism of Water

The Majesty

By: J. Marlando


Unless there’s a cold spell in Southern California where I live, you will consistently find my wife and me spending a couple of hours sitting by the pond and listening to the waterfall. After the stress and strain of the workday we find that the experience has its soothing effects. And of course it is quite restful to the eyes as well as to the ears—there are the lilies,  The Mystery     the fish and the plants growing around the pond, all adding to the “feelings” of peace and harmony—a state of being that is uncommon today in our modern world of noise, chaos and high anxieties.

I was fortunate in that I was born at a time before the Computer Age widened the gap between nature and technology; before industries had polluted our world at least to the extent that our world is polluted today. In fact, when I was a boy we were still drinking right out of the tap, the rain and snow was pure; the mountain streams so clear that mothers often filled their baby bottles with it. I realize this is difficult to believe today but I was there! I mostly grew up in the high Rockies and those mountains were my childhood playground.

I share the above because our worldview has changed so much in current times as science and high-technology permeates more and more of our consciousness; when the “unnatural” keeps becoming more and more of the “natural” and our separation from nature keeps widening. This, incidentally, is why we enjoy the pond so much. That is, it reconnects us to “natural” for a little while and that’s a wonderful feeling of calm and comfort.

With all this in mind, my intent is to stir your imagination and perhaps even inspire you to build your own pond, fountain or some other water feature for your private life, if this is something you haven’t already done. In this regard, I will tell you that if you do, you will actually be contributing to your own good health and happiness. There is, after all, a mystery and majesty to water that gives us a positive connectedness to life itself.

Fountains and Emotions

The Mystery(104181)Fountains are beautiful and intrigue people worldwide; there is something mystical in our attraction to waterscapes anyway. Maybe this is because we are made up of so much water—water covers around 70% of our planet and around that same amount of our adult bodies.

While no one knows exactly how many cells the human body has—there are many trillions—with each containing somewhere between 55% and 70% of water. These days we are aware that drinking water is good for our general health but this has been assumed probably long before language evolved—every living thing on earth is driven toward the consumption of water. We humans, like plants can be “over-watered” if you will, as it is possible to “flood” our cells or bloat them but that would take a heck of a lot more water than people ordinarily drink—drinking water is extremely important to our good health, for one reason, all the detoxification functions in the body requires water to perform. And, indeed, the flow of our blood is regulated by water; our brains need water to work and our cells and tissues cannot absorb nutrients without water. I could go on with a much longer list but the point here is that we living creatures have an extreme intimacy with water and water is a most vital tool of nature for keeping our internal and external worlds evolving.

And speaking of our connectedness with water as being a principle tool of nature, fountains create negative ions and negative ions create positive feelings in us and in the very environment where they persist. As a quick aside (I am no scientist) I will attempt to explain what a negative ion is:

As I understand it water can dissolve molecules because it pulls or attracts the molecules opposite ends—the H in water being positive attracts the negative end of the molecule and the O in water being negative attracts the positive end and the force of the attraction causes the molecule to break apart into positive and negative ions.

Negative ions (which are extremely good for us) is an oxygen ion with an electron attached and are produced by “disturbances” in water such as the firing of a fountain or splashing of a waterfall or the rapids of a river. This is no doubt why Niagara Falls has always been so popular for honeymooners. The air is packed with negative ions which serve to make people happy, positive and…energetic. Honeymooners use up a lot of energy!

A fountain, The Msytery       say in your own living room or outside in your yard can do the very same for you. Indeed, I remember back in the 1960s I was under a great deal of pressure and endured some depression. At the time I could not permit myself to wallow in either and so I would go to a nearby fountain each day and inhale deeply. Indeed, at the time I was into yoga and so I did all my breathing exercises as close to the fountain as I could get. Without fail, my gloomy attitude lifted and I simply felt better both physically and mentally day after day after doing the exercises.

In many cases even the most serious depression can be relieved by breathing in negative ions as some environments have too few or even none at all such as an enclosed office or your apartment. In fact, it is possible that when you are having one of those days and you are saying things like, I don’t know, I just can’t muster any energy or I just can’t seem to break loose from feeling down today, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Both these conditions can be because of your interior and exterior environments are lacking enough negative ions. A nearby waterworks can actually avoid these moods and feelings of despair and anxiety.

Waterworks, incidentally, do not have to be expensive. And, you can basically create them yourself if you are so inclined. (I built my own pond and waterfall for example at a fraction of the cost a professional would have charged).

In view of the above I believe it is safe to say that water is intrinsic not only to our physical good health but just as apparently to the good health of our minds and emotions. The question is do we also have a spiritual connection to hidden mysteries of water itself?

A Speculation into the Spirituality of Water

The Mystery(104183)I have quite a few friends who hold PhDs or are intellectuals in their fields of endeavors and nearly all of them scoff at me when I speak of the spiritual. After all, to them, if a “thing” cannot be experienced objectively (by the senses) and therefore be summarized in terms of its physical parts then it is classified as fantasy or non-existent. They are strict materialists believing in a clock-work universe but this is not my belief. Nevertheless, if any reader finds the mystical absurd or difficult to digest they should skip to the summary at this juncture.

With above said, there has been research that now indicates a way of “knowing” that we are indeed in consciousness with the rest of the universe or, in other words, that we are in connectedness with everything else. This means that what we generally call “life over there” is in oneness with us substantiating the “All in One and One in All” perception.

There is, for example, Mr. Emoto, a Japanese researcher who has studied water crystals or, in other words, who has observed the molecular changes in water resulting from our thoughts, our words and even our music. Loving and happy thoughts, for example, form beautiful crystalline patterns just as hateful and unhappy thoughts form distorted crystalline patterns.

This strongly indicates that consciousness permeates all things just as the ancient mystics began telling us thousands of years ago. And, this belief (I prefer calling it knowledge) probably goes back into prehistoric times when cave paintings described the weaving of our human consciousness with nature’s consciousness. And certainly, the Native Americans called trees, plants, rivers, animals and all living things their brothers and sisters; another way of acknowledging the oneness of the universe).

I think in simplistic terms that what all this is realizing is the observation that positive thoughts create positive realities—According to Mr. Emoto our thoughts literally change the shape of water; this changing of the shape of water is demonstrated by the structural changes of water crystals. 

Some of these changes are demonstrated below:

FROM LOARDS                                         RESPONDING TO LOVE

The Mystery(104184)The Mstery


The Mstery(104186)

While I do not claim to understand this phenomenon I do nevertheless (after years of study) remain convinced that there is such a reality as “cosmic consciousness” and it is from this acknowledgment that I comprehend the changes that our thoughts and attitudes can make in the molecular structure of water.


What if one believes, as I do, that there is a collective unconscious running through the fabric of all things or not, does not alter the fact that negative ions produced by water are effective against the deepest depression if for no other reason than the fact that negative ions defeat airborne toxins and impurities in the air. We are especially made to feel better after standing or sitting next to fountains or some other kind of disturbed or churned water such as rapids      The Msystery      and waterfalls. Indeed, even water from a lawn sprinkler can be energizing and uplifting.

As for simply sitting or standing next to water at the beach or on the bank of some lake, river or stream we typically experience feelings of comfort and relaxation. Perhaps this is a deeply unconscious returning to the amniotic fluid in the womb? Whatever it is, we all seem to have a deep-seated connectedness with water at all levels of our consciousness.

I think that especially in our times when pollutions and toxics cloud our air and we live more and more isolated from nature that the one thing we can do is to gift ourselves with a waterworks in our own homes or yards. In this regard people running stuffy offices and other enclosed work places would actually increase production by creating a water fountain environment for their staff and employees to rekindle energy during break and lunch times. And, I suggest that this would be of great benefit in schools and colleges where study and learning are the major goals. After all, no matter what you believe about water metaphysically, the truth is that waterworks can provide you with greater mental and physical energy and, beyond these attributes, there are few things more beautiful than water to simply enjoy anyway.