Knitters have been crocheting bedding warmer than your standard blankets and comforters sold by retailers for years. Making an afghan of any size for a friend or family member is a gesture of kindness and will be appreciated every time they use your gift. Crochet to the needs of the person you are designing for. The king size crochet afghan pattern is a popular choice.

Find the king size crochet afghan pattern that appeals to you before buying any supplies. The amount of yarn you need will depend on the stitch, the weight and the individual pattern. For large patterns you should buy your yarn in bulk or pounders in order to have fewer attachment points throughout the afghan. Buying yarn in larger quantities will save you some money as well.

Styles available for selecting your king size crochet afghan pattern include the cubism knit pattern which can be made with any type of yarn in any three colors and provides an attractive optical illusion. Patterns range from intricate to simple designs some require specific gauges and others do not. Certain patterns may be more ideal for working together allowing for easier placement of individualized pieces.

The pattern you choose should be based on your skill level. You can choose a king size crochet afghan pattern from a commercial vendor or you may find one designed by someone like yourself for free. You can choose from designs that are one piece or patterns that call for piecing or patchwork. It may be wise if you have never knitted an afghan before to try one without a design. The basic square pattern is a good starter afghan.

Some beginners mistakenly choose a one piece pattern thinking it will be easier to work rather than patchwork. Whatever king size crochet afghan pattern you select. Upon following the instructions of your king size crochet afghan pattern you will smile with satisfaction knowing it was created by your hands.