So you want to be a Champion. It will take more than wishful thinking to accomplish that goal. In this piece I will discuss the qualities that go into the making of a Champion in any sport.

                                              The Qualities

  In order to become a Champion you are going to need the Three D's; Determination, Dedication, and Desire. You will need the Three C's; Commitment, Courage, and Confidence.You will also need to have the Three P's; Patience, Persistence, and Practice. Then you will need to understand what each means to the process, so that you can incorporate them into a concerted assault upon your goal.


  Determination can be described as the unwavering drive to see a thing thru to its' accomplishment. This is vital because there are going to be many setbacks, and disappointments on the road to becoming a Champion. There will be many opportunities to become overwhelmed by negative emotion and give up. Strong determination is the only thing that is going to get you thru these rough times.


  Dedication can be described as a single minded, intense focus on a definite goal  or purpose. This is important because the athlete who wants to become a Champion is going to have to shut out the distractions that will compete for his time and attention. Social distractions ( parties, friends, family), and other personal and group commitments will try to divert you from your pursuit. It will be very important that you keep your focus. Dedication to the task at hand will help you to do this.


  Desire is the intense, emotional longing to attain your goal. It will serve to give you the impetus that will impel you to relentlessly strive toward your goal. I assure you that you will not become a Champion without a healthy dose of it.


  This covenant that you make with yourself, serves as a binding contract where you to achieve your goal no matter what happens.It keeps you on track because if you get lax, you become uneasy, anxious, and annoyed with yourself, and are driven back to the fervant pursuit of your goal. It is very difficult to have true commitment until you acquire clarity of purpose(what you want, and why you want it).Clarity of purpose helps you to visualize the goal as already achieved, and clears away the obstacles and roadblocks that you will encounter.


  On your road to becoming a Champion, one of the most formidable barriers that you will have to overcome will be fear. Both the fear of failure and the fear of success will try to paralyze you , and keep you from realizing your dream. You are going to have to confront them, and confront them directly, or you will not be able to go on. It will require real courage, and faith in yourself and your ability, to overcome these imposters.  They must be faced head on, and forcefully deflected. If you act other than courageously, you will be twarted from your goal and your drive will wane.


  Confidence is the firm belief in yourself and in your abitity to achieve a goal that you have for yourself. Unless you truly believe that the goal can be reached , and that you have the ability to reach it , you will never do so. Therefore, it is vital that you check your strength and weakness profile to accurately assess why you think you should, and will achieve your goal. Only when you truly understand , deep down inside you, the why and how, will you truly have a chance to achieve this very difficult goal you have set for yourself.


  Patience according to Webster, is the abitity to wait calmly, or to endure pain or provocation without complaining. This implies great inner emotional strength. Most of us are restless, wanting instant gratification. We get antsy and anxious if we have to wait too long for results. The opposite tact is what you need. You need to be like the stone cutter, who knows not when the rock will break, but knows that it will, if he goes on striking it. Thus he strikes it until it does. This requires tremendous self discipline.


  Persistence is the ability to continue your quest for the goal despite strong opposition. On your road to becoming a Champion you are going to encounter naysayers, unbelievers, detractors, and discouragers. There will be tough circumatances, impossible situations, and conditions. This is where persistence, the will to go on, even when you don't want to go on, will propel you forward and keep you moving steadily toward the achievement of your goal. The inability to persist, is the major reason that so many pursuers give up and fail,just when they might have succeeded.


  Practice, practice, practice. Practice is often dull and boring, but it is vital if you are going to attain the level of skill in your endeavor that is required to become a Champion. You learn by doing, and only thru constant repetition of good technique, will you gain the uncounscientious competence required to compete at a championship level. Only thru intense training is it possible to acquire the supreme confidence needed to perform under the extreme pressure of the championship moment.

                          Putting it all Together

  Now that you know the ingredients, how do you put it all together? First you need to be sure that you know and understand each facet and why each is important . Second, make the qualities set forth into core values so that they drive all of your actions. Third, you need to get a coach who believes in these qualities and in you. Fourth, you will also need a mentor, someone who will give good feedback and tell you the absolute truth about where you stand in your development, and point out activities that you need to change or adjust. When you have pieced all the pieces  together,you will be on your way to achieving your full potential, and be prepared to amass an all out assault on your goal of becoming a Champion.

  In your climb to the top please remember to be thankful to those who help you along the way, and humble towards those you meet and compete against. As a parting suggestion I offer this quotation that I hold dear, " A WINNER NERVER QUITS, AND A QUITTER NEVER WINS". May the information and theories shared here propel you to the achievement of your Championship aspirations, and may you thoroughly enjoy the journey.