While working on a construction job site, the sounds of tools and building can become monotonous. Radios can be brought to a work site, but none are as transportable as the new Makita Radio, the BMR100. This radio delivers clear, powerful sound which can be used at a work site to listen to a different tunes while you're working.

The Makita Radio is a work site radio which is small and built to withstand the conditions of a worksite. The size of the radio is 11" by 6.5" by 12". The exterior of the radio is made of durable materials including elastomer bumpers down the sides of all four corners. If the radio gets caught in the rain, it has a 5 minute window under rain fall before any damage is done. The radio can also withstand other conditions such as intense heat or cold, and the dust blowing towards the radio from the worksite.

The Makita BMR100 radio comes with am and fm tuners, an antennae, and a handle for easy transport. The radio also has a clock to tell you what time it is while you are at the work site. The radio can be plugged into an outlet or used without a cord with Makita cluster style batteries for the power source. The radio will run for about 2 days straight on battery power before it uses up the entire battery. This battery life is far superior to comparable models from other manufacturers.

Even though this Makita Radio is rather small in size, the speakers are loud enough so that it can be heard over the noisy tools which are used at a worksite. The sound of most other radios this size would be drowned out by the banging and clattering noises coming from the tools used for building a house, but this radio has very good sound quality which can be heard above the background noise. The radio's smaller size also means it is lightweight and not a burden to carry. The BMR100 weighs just about 10 pounds which is on the light side for a radio with this level of durability and strength. As an alternative to playing the radio for everyone to hear, the radio can be listened to with headphones as well by plugging them into the headphone jack in the radio.

Because using headphones at the worksite is rather rare, the new models of the Makita radio have replaced the output jack. The newer models of this radio even come with an input jack which means you can unplug your headphones and plug in an ipod or an mp3 player into the input jack. The radio will play the music on your ipod through the loud speakers. This is a great way to listen to a wider variety of music at the worksite if you become tired of listening to the radio or there just isn't a signal or station within range.

All said, this rugged-ized radio is the pefect companion for your other Makita 18v cordless tools and for any busy worksite where you need some music to pass the day. The Makita radio goes a long time between charges using the lithium ion batteries, its light, the sound is great, and best of all it fits almost any older Makita battery as a backup. This is one of the best worksite radios available.