Do you need a baby swing? A good swing can be hard to find because there are so many things that would be helpful that one may offer but another doesn’t.

There are swings  that are very affordable but they may not offer you a lot of variety such as different motions and speed settings, in addition to different sounds and some other fancy features like an MP3 player hookup, which is certainly a fancy little feature.

For most people, a standard chair is all that is required to put your baby to sleep; however, if you really want to upgrade then you may want to take a look at the Mamaroo swing.

The Mamaroo is a pretty futuristic looking swing and is built to “move just like you do.” You have a plethora of choices with this chair which includes different colors to choose from such as red, black, green, orange, pink and silver as well as an MP3 playing hookup.

While most typical swings will only give you a choice between forward and back motion or side to side (left to right) the Mamaroo is a bit different. With this chair you actually get to choose between 5 different motions to satisfy your baby and keep her entertained.

Some of those motions include: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing and ocean wave.  Due to the variety of selections you are highly likely to find one that will make your baby calm and happy or serve to relax her when she is fussing and won’t sleep.

The cushions on each Mamaroo swing are machine washable too. If your little one happens to get it dirty or spits up on it then just pop the removable padding into your washing machine and then place it right back on for a clean seat every time your baby uses it.

For your baby’s entertainment you will also have a toy mobile overhead that features 3 plush toy balls with elegant prints from famous artists such as Monet and Van Gogh.

If you don’t want to worry about wasting batteries then this swing will also plug into your wall so you can rest easy about ever running out.  When you think about the cost alone of replacing batteries (some are DD sizes) it can really add up over time so do not shy away from this swing because of its price.

In the long run you will really come out ahead because of the ability to plug it in.


It may cost more than most chairs out there but it is definitely a great pick and a new favorite among parents who want more choices for their little ones including the ability to plug in their MP3’s to play their own music if desired.