Did you know that the purple plant Lavandula, commonly known as Lavender, has numerous essential oil benefits and medicinal uses? That’s right, this purple plant doesn’t just smell great – it’s one of the most useful flowering plants in the entire world! The plant is grown primarily for its oil which is an anti-septic. It is used in cosmetics like lipstick, topical applications such as acne cream and anti-fungal creams, etc. 

There are also a number of culinary uses for cooking such as honey and sugar. You can also use it to cure certain skin ailments and much more. Here I will explain more of the uses and benefits of Lavender Oil, which is extracted from flowering tops of the Lavendula plant. 

It is no secret that this plant smells great, as it is used in many soaps, perfumes, candles, etc. But it’s so much more than a great smell!

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The Many Benefits of Lavendar Oil 

What can you use this oil for?  Here are just a few examples:

*Aromatherapy –  The oil’s amazing scent is relaxing and hasa calming effect which has been known to reduce anxiety and stress.

LavenderCredit: beplantwise.org

- It's used often on back massages or during foot rubs. Try putting some of it in a bathtub for a relaxing bath, and try mixing it with some Epsom bath salts or other oils like grapeseed oil, as you wish. I guarantee you, your stress will be eliminated! (TIP: Try adding about 6-8 drops but let it soak for at least 15 minutes first).

*Medicinal Uses – I have heard that it can be used as a pain reliever and is very effective when used on insect or mosquito bites. It is also great to use for muscle or join pain relief, and you can apply it on the skin when getting a massage.  

 - Put it on your head before you sleep and it might help you sleep like a baby! It is known to cure headaches but this varies from person to person.

- I have also read that when you add lavender to a vaporizer, the oil may aid in the treatment Lavender OilCredit: MindBodyGreen.comof cough and respiratory infection.

 *Food Uses -You can actually drink lavender as a tea, which may be effective in treating indigestion and heartburn. But this can also cause stomach indigestion so I recommend you consult with a doctor first. 

*Cleaning Uses -The oil is often used in cleaning products. Try mixing it with baking soda to clean sheets or to clean windows or kitchen counters.

 *Insect Repellant - Lavender oil can also be applied as a mosquito or bug repellant, to keep ants away, etc. From what I understand, this is one of the most effective uses of the oil.

*Skin Care - It can be applied to soothe sunburn pain or any skin irritations you might have. Another really useful aspect of this oil!

I have listed my personal favorite Lavender oil below, but feel free to search Amazon for all of the Best Lavender Oils.

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In conclusion, there are literally too many uses and benefits of Lavender oil too list! The oil made from the plant leaves has so many practical uses. Whether you use it to clean, for the fragrance or to heal wounds, it is the perfect thing to keep around the house just in case you need it!