There are more convenient ways to read today than at any point in history and yet it seems that all that people want to do is participate in activities that work to limit the growth and potential of our minds.  Reading a book is one of the surest ways to improve yourself that there is. Reading causes the mind to engage the imagination in a way that no other activity can. There are just so many benefits to reading that it is worth your time to think about what reading can add to your life.

One of the simplest and most important benefits of reading is that it will make you smarter. Regardless of the type of book that a person reads it is going to add to your mental acumen and allow you to think better. When a person reads there is a movie playing in their mind which is guided by the words that they are seeing on the page. This process engages the brain in a way that simply watching a movie can’t. They are providing all the stimulus whereas in reading, everything is provided by your imagination. The human brain is completely engaged by reading and that is going to be a good thing.  

Another great benefit of reading is that a person can experience much without going anywhere physically at all. It is possible to travel the world, and increase your experience in a very real way and it all happens only in your mind. By reading Treasure Island a person can learn what it was like to sail with a pirate. Or by reading The Hobbit a person can live in a magical land called Middle Earth. Even though these places are not physically real they are brought to life through the magic or reading about them and the images it creates in your mind. The mind is an amazing instrument and the limits of imagination are virtually endless.  So by reading and engaging this type of thought the imagination in other areas grows as well and we are able to create.

Finally when we read there is the obvious advancement that each new idea we read about exposes us to. One of the problems of the educational system today is that the plan is to force feed knowledge onto people who don’t necessarily want it. When if the light of knowledge is lit in the mind through reading there is no power on the earth that can stop it. Reading more is a way to make sure that this light is ignited in all people in the world.  Regardless of the age of the student, when an imagination is fueled then there is going to be no stopping the learning. Imagine the achievement that people would reach if they were studying things that they were passionate about.