There are many things to consider in a closet organizer system, even though it is customized. Did you consider installing it yourself? Once you start designing and discover all the features and benefits, you may want to seek out some assistance. The kits are really easy to install if your set up doesn't involve some options that you can't handle.
Consider what will be hung on hangers. Consider the short items such shirts, blouses, and the long pieces such as slacks, and evening gowns. Several lengths of clothing can be hung on the multibar. The multibar utilizes the wall space by hanging the short above the long. Do you want drawers to hold your sweaters and sweatshirts? Or would you rather have shelving for these items? How many accessories do you have such as ties, jewelry and maybe even your socks? You may want to consider creating storage space such as drawers for your pj's, lingerie and robes.
The drawers provide a real polished look in your closet. You can even have pockets within the drawers to store the smaller things. The sliding feature is really slick for the shelves. And really comes in handy when you want to get things off the shelf if it slides out.
And how about all those shoes and boots? A door rack may be a solution for some shoes. However, there are other options as well. You can create some storage pockets that are bigger that can hold shoes and boots as well. It all boils down to what you have and what you want.
There are many many options to choose from. There are options for purchasing the closet organizer as well. You will find that there are many manufacturers that make and sell closet organizer systems that can be very helpful.
You may be able to head off a problem in design with their assistance as well as they have been in business for years and are very experienced. And some even have a designer department with experts that will help you plan. And who knows, maybe they might be able to offer a solution that you would have never have thought of.
The closet organizer systems, once you decide on what you want will be a worthwhile investment that you will enjoy for years.