When you start to think about the many uses of monogrammed beach towels you can begin to understand their true versatility. What makes beach towels effective gifts is that they are practical as well as colorful. People will use a beach towel on the beach and at home. If you have an event coming up, or you just want something that will help you stand out from the crowd, then consider getting monogrammed beach towels.

Bridal Party Gifts

Gifts for the people in your wedding party can sometimes be difficult to plan. One of the ways to solve the gift problem is to choose a theme and then buy gifts to go along with that theme. A good theme is the beach, especially if the bride and groom will be spending their honeymoon in a tropical location. Prepare a small beach bucket with gifts such as custom sunglasses and monogrammed beach towels. Get one color for the girls and a different color for the guys. You can have each party member’s initials monogrammed on the towels and then the date of the wedding along with the bride and groom’s initials. It will be something the party member will cherish forever.

Corporate Gifts

Any promotional or corporate gift should have a marketing angle to it that will help increase the company’s exposure. The gift of monogrammed beach towels with your company name and logo on the towel will get your company information seen on the beach, by the pool and in people’s homes on a regular basis.

The trick to corporate monogrammed beach towels is understanding when to give them away and what to get monogrammed on them. You can commemorate a significant corporate event such as a major fundraiser or the annual company picnic by having the name of the event and the date monogrammed on the towels. It is impossible to personalize the monogram on towels in that situation, but the monogrammed date and event name is still a nice touch.

If you want to show a specific vendor or customer representative appreciation for their business relationship, then you can get monogrammed beach towels with the initials of the person you do business with on them. A truly effective gesture would to get personalized towels for all of the executives and managers in each company and make a significant impact for your organization.

Family Vacations

A family vacation is full of lifelong memories, and you can help enhance the experience by getting monogrammed beach towels for the family to use during the vacation. If you are planning a beach vacation, and you have months of anticipation before your flight leaves, then that is the perfect time to get your family monogrammed beach towels to use on the vacation.

Get the initials of each family member, the date of the vacation and the location name monogrammed on the towels. When you get back from your vacation, have your commemorative towels professionally cleaned and then store them away. When the children have grown up and had kids of their own, then you can give the towels back to them as reminders of those fond childhood memories.

If you know a family that is excited about going away on a vacation, then you can present monogrammed beach towels like this to the family as your gift to them. It is a gesture that will remain with the family for as long as they have those vacation memories.


A child going away to college will be living on his own for the first time and probably have to share a room with one or more people. Beach towels are common with college students because they are big enough to cover up with when walking through the halls on the way to and from the shower area. Many college campuses also have pools and swimming areas where students will need beach towels to dry off or just lie in the sun.

Before you child goes away for school, get him a set of beach towels for the many times he will need it during his college experience. Not only does it help remind everyone of who owns the towels, but it can also become a conversation piece for your student as he meets new people at the pools and catching some sun during those spring weekends in the dorms.

Big Family

Washing towels constantly for a big family can become expensive. You can use monogrammed towels to help reduce your laundry costs and also relieve any confusion about who owns which towel.

Get a set of monogrammed towels for each of the people in your household and try to get a variety of colors so they stand out. Then each person can use her own towel and hang it up to be used again. A beach towel can be used a few times before needing to be washed. This also reduces the confusion on which towels to use when heading out to the beach for the day.

Christmas Gifts

You can brighten someone’s Christmas by getting him monogrammed beach towels as a Christmas gift. It allows you to mix the idea of being on the beach with the reminder of a Christmas present from someone who cares.

This is for that person on your gift list the loves to swim and spend time at the beach. Get Christmas colored beach towels with combinations of red, green, silver, gold and white on them and have the person’s initials monogrammed on them. To add an extra unique element, you can also have the year you gave them as a gift and the word “Christmas” monogrammed on them as well.

Beach towels can be appropriate for a variety of situations. If you need a gift idea, or an idea for something that will commemorate a special event, think about a beach towel.