God is big and small

Many believers today have the unfortunate misconception about God only being big. God is huge; he created the universe after all. So then when we go through tough times and big struggles does God really see what we are experiencing? Does God care? Does God even know? God isn't just big, He is also small and even microscopic. Find out more about our wonderful Lord and what the Bible says about Him.

God is big

God is big and sees everything. He created the universe, the stars, the planets, thGode whole Earth and all of its creatures and wildlife. God thinks in big pictures because He has great plans for Christians and for His creations. God is king of kings and lord of lords, and can see everything going on in the universe. When we serve such a big God we know that His resources are unlimited, his grace limitless, his love unending. We can count on our big God to orchestrate things to our favor and make sure that His Word is powerful in our lives when we stand on it and have faith. He cares for us, and yet is so big that he made the stars and the skies for His glory and pleasure and for ours as well.

God became a man

God is huge, but God also sent His son Jesus to become one of us as we read in the Bible. This means that not only is God huge, but he also cares about His creation (us) so much that He became one of us. God isn't just the creator of the universe, He is also like us and came down here where we dwell and experienced what we go through. Jesus went through the same persecution, the same ridicule, and also the same blessings and experiences we go through as a human being. Because of this great love Christ had for us we can see that God isn't just some big entity out there in space, he is right here with us and became one of us!

God is in us

When Jesus died for our sins, we had the ability to accept his sacrifice and be taken out of the kingdom of darkness and translated into the kingdom of His dear son. Now when we accept salvation Jesus comes and dwells in us, so now we have another revelation of God's size. Not only is He huge and also small enough to come down and be among us, He now also lives inside of us! This is the reason why we pray we look down because we look at the Father! Jesus lives in us and is part of our lives to give us a blessed life and ability to come before the Father and receive His grace and blessings.

God is microscopic

So He is huge, our size, and lives in us so how much smaller can He get? He is also microscopic because scientists get down to microscopic levels and still are amazed at the genius design of our Lord. ThingsMagnifying work so perfectly because it's His creation, unaltered and perfect so God is huge and also microscopic at the same time. This revelation is powerful to know that He is always with us and in all areas of our lives. Nothing works without the Father's doing and because he was so intricately detailed in each area of creation things work as perfect as they do.

It all comes together

So now we see that the Father has permeated all areas of creation and is all sizes, not just this huge distant God. He cares about us, and lives with us and in us! God has the big picture because he is so big and knows all things that He wants to accomplish. Then He sets into motion His perfect plan by creating us and everything we see today, and after we sinned He sent Jesus to come and be one of us to save us. Afterwards Jesus died and rose again, and He lives in us today because of His perfect sacrifice. Finally He is microscopic because every fine intricate detail was layed out before the foundations of the worlds.

Knowing this, the Word has to be taught to Christians and believers today that God isn't distant and doesn't care about their problems because this goes contrary to His way of creating things and caring for them. He wouldn't create us and everything we see today and then take a back seat and watch everything run itself. No the Father is very much a part of this world and lives through us and in us to experience all of creation. With this revelation knowledge I believe that the body of Christ would see God for who he is; ever present, and always caring for us in all aspects of our lives.