There are many different types of lawns that vary in elements such as size and exposure to direct sunlight. This means that one type of sprinkler timer will not work for every type of lawn. For a great variety of timers, someone who wants the best possible timer for their lawn should look into getting one of the many varieties of Orbit sprinkler timer.

Whether someone is on a budget or simply does not have complicated watering needs, there are consumers who do not like a lot of bells and whistles on their timer. For these shoppers, the Indoor Standard water sprinkler timer is a great choice. This timer can work with two programs in four stations so that the entire lawn can get the care it needs. In addition, it has a simple one-touch rain delay that can stop the programs from running for twenty-four, forty-eight or seventy-two hours during the rainy season.

For those who just want something that is easy to use, the Indoor Remote Control timer may be exactly what they are looking for. This entire system is completely wireless, so installing it and getting it running does not require any wiring. The console is kept inside to avoid weather damage and is controlled with a simple remote control.

These days, people seem to want everything in touch screen, from their cell phones to their computer screens. Their sprinkler timers are no exception, so Orbit has created the Signature Series Touch Screen timer. This product is completely touch screen and available in models that accommodate six or twelve stations.

The outdoor Super Dial is a great water sprinkler timer for someone who wants options while getting a system that is easy to use. This system is available in models that include four, six or nine stations so it can be used on any size lawn. Both the LCD screen and the controlling dial are very large so they are easy to see and use without reaching for a pair of glasses.

In some cases, one lawn may have a variety of different watering needs. This may happen if there are some areas in sun and some in shade or some sections with grass and some with flowers. In this case, the Individual Station Slide system is a great way to keep everything under control. This system has nine stations and each one is controlled with a sliding bar to get it at exactly the right setting for the needs of a specific area.

Some people want a sprinkler timer that can accommodate a variety of complicated needs while others just want something simple to water their lawn. Whatever the needs are, there is an Orbit sprinkler timer that can meet them. This is a great place to start for someone who does not know exactly what kind of timer they want and needs to see a lot of options.