gas lantern

Lighting a campsite in such a way that there is enough light for normal visibility and yet it is easy on the eyes and doesn't spoil the ambience can be a tricky affair. Flashlights can obviously not do this job; campfires are not very convenient enough; head lamps illuminate only a limited area and candle lanterns involve too many hassles. All this leaves only one option and that is the gas lantern.

As the name suggests, the camping gas lantern can make use of gas (mostly propane) to burn and provide light. With modern lanterns, you also would not need a lighter or a matchstick as they come with easy features of lighting them up. The gas canisters used in them can be easily replaced or refilled. Once lit, such a lantern can give you light for up to ten hours continuously without any change in the canisters. These lanterns therefore are ideal as ambient and convenient lighting fixtures for all type of campsites, they give a clean and flickering source of light that can not be matched with other lighting fixtures.

An outdoor gas lantern comes in a number of designs and sizes to suit all kinds of requirements. Depending on the amount of illumination you require, you can place them on a suitable altitude as well. But it is not always advisable to carry around the lantern too much when it is lit as they certainly have fire hazards if not used properly. In fact, you must follow basic precautions and instructions strictly while using them to prevent any mishap from spoiling your campsite evening.

Environment friendly options are also available. These use white gas instead of propane. But, irrespective, of the type of canisters you are using, you must ensure that you have extra canisters so that you don't run out of light in emergency. While purchasing an outdoor gas lantern, make sure that it is portable enough and has enough safety features. A company that you can trust with lanterns is Coleman. Coleman gas lanterns have been around since decades and are trusted for quality and durability by everyone. So, with a Coleman camping lantern, you would never be disappointed.

Using a lantern is just so convenient that you almost have to do it. It is so great having that light broadcast out over your camping site is just great. Once you use one you will never go back to just using flashlights.