Have you ever wondered why people have a triangle screwdriver as part of their tool collection when they know that there is a slim chance that they will ever use it? Almost every single screwdriver set that you will find in your local hardware store will not include a triangle screwdriver as part of the original set; this is because they are rarely ever used, and the majority of people that have them simply allow them to collect dust over the years in their toolbox. However, they are rather hard to find when you need them, so they may be beneficial to have regardless of whether or not you use them. Taking a look on Amazon will definitely allow you to find quite a few triangle screwdrivers; moreover, look for the ones that are manufactured by the brands that are listed in this article, and you will definitely be satisfied with their price and quality.

The Many Uses For A Triangle ScrewdriverT3 Triangle Head Screwdriver ToolCredit: Amazon.com

You may think that owning one of these unique tools will simply cause you to spend your money on something that you will never use; however, there are many ways to use a triangle screwdriver if you are willing to use your imagination. Other than using it to unscrew screws with the associated heads, you can use it as a pry for something light. One of the other things that people tend to do with these tools is to magnetize it using a small battery, and use it to hold the many other screws that they will be carrying.

Triangle Screwdriver Brands Include Silverhill And Tri-Wing

Everybody knows that the brands that the tools were made by greatly determine thei4 Piece Triangle Screwdriver SetCredit: Amazon.comr overall quality, and how long they will last. Purchasing a cheap triangle screwdriver will probably allow you to find use for it during the first year of its life, but you will notice that the metal will start to give away shortly after that; however, purchasing one that was made by Silverhill or Tri-Wing will probably cost you a few extra dollars, but you can be sure that it will last you as long as you may potentially need it. The greatest thing about tools that are in the middle of the price range spectrum is that a 15% increase in price for purchasing ones by reliable brands will only translate to an extra $1 or $2.

A Short And Stubby Triangle Screwdriver Is Good For Hard To Reach PlaSmall Triangle Head Screwdriver WIth Black HandleCredit: Amazon.comces

Many people choose to purchase screwdrivers that are 5 or 6 inches long because they provide good turning leverage, and allow them to get to screws that are a few inches within an object; however, these lengths are practically useless when it comes to screws that are trapped in places with only 1 or 2 inches to move. These are the times that having a stubby triangle screwdriver would come in useful. What is more intriguing about purchasing the stubby model of this tool is that the majority of objects that require it only allow you the 1 or 2 inches that a stubby tool was meant for.

A Triangle Screwdriver Is Used On A Lot Of Kids Toys

Almost all of the toys that were made for children that are younger than 8 years old have screws that protect any compartments that may hold batteries or electrical wires. This is mainly because they do not want young children gaining access to the harmful things that are contained in these compartments. In addition, almost all of these compartments are sealed with screws that are associated with a triangle screwdriver. It is a great idea to own at least one of these tools if you are a parent with young children because the chances are that you will have to change those batteries in their favourite toy sooner or later.

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A Triangle Screwdriver Is Used On A Lot Of Nintendo Video Game Consoles

In addition to the children's toys that use these types of screws, almost every video game console that was released by Nintendo such as the Wii, DS, and Nintendo 64 require a triangle screwdriver to gain access to any of the internal components. You do not really need one of these tools if you intend on simply playing the games on your Nintendo console; however, you should consider purchasing one if you are ever thinking about taking apart the Nintendo consoles for any reason.

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Not many people own a triangle screwdriver within their tool set; however, almost everybody will need to use one at one point in their life. Although this tool will end up collecting dust during the majority of the time that you own it, it will definitely pay off for the triangle screwdriver to be available for those 1 or 2 times that is absolutely crucially needed. Consider the purchase of this tool, and you will surely be thankful when it comes in handy!