LED GU10 lamps are among the newest entries in lighting technology. They address all the shortcomings of conventional bulbs and offer substantial savings in the electricity required to operate them, while lasting years longer than old-fashioned lamps.

These new style lamps have many features in common: they operate without emanating dangerous heat, they are based on light emitting diode technology and they offer a more directionally focused beam of light. The GU10 designation indicates the socket style, which eliminates the traditional bulb's tendency to become cross threaded and stick in the socket. Beyond the basics, there are also many different styles of these lamps for different illumination needs throughout your home or business.

The 2.5 watt GU10 MR16 bulb in a 3000K (warm white) soft color tone may be ideal for general or ambient lighting. If you're looking for a flood light, you can get a LED-LLC 6W GU10 Hi-Power Wide Beam 120V bulb. The output is comparable to a 60W flood light but at an amazing 95% reduction in energy cost over the traditional type.

LED GU10 LampsThe selection of this new lighting type may seem to be overwhelming; however, a good place to start might just be with an inexpensive spotlight. One good starter bulb at a reasonable price is the GU10 Base 110 Volt Ac 32 White LED Down Spot Light. This contains a cluster of 32 individual leds and has an estimated lifetime of 30,000 hours. It uses only 2 watts of power, so even if you run it 24 hours a day for a year, the electricity to run it will be quite low.

If you want to try the new technology in a track lighting system, you may like the Lights of America 2001LED10-65K-24 Watt Light Bulb. This bulb can also be obtained generally at a reasonable cost and also works well in a recessed fixture.

Finally, one of the most unique examples of the possibilities inherent in this new technology is the RGB GU10 LED 5W color changing lamp, which comes complete with its own remote control. Besides turning it on and off, the remote control allows you to regulate brightness and transition style as it cycles through sixteen different colors, including purple, white, green, red, blue, orange, and yellow. This bulb adds drama, romance or any ambient mood as well as a touch of flair to your décor.

So whether you choose your new lamp for safety, convenience, savings, or just for fun, you'll be sure to find the style you need as you bring your lighting into the future and beyond.