What can I say, I love to clean.  I also love to talk about cleaning.  I have so many favorite products and I have many changing favorites.  My new favorite I found in the back of my cleaning pantry.  Lemon Fresh Pledge, the same my mom used, but I use it for more than just coffee tables. 

  • · Wood Tables - the normal use is still a good one.  I use this weekly to spray right on furniture and wipe with a clean dry cloth.  I don't notice any wax build up and it really looks nice and smells wonderful
  • · Kitchen Cabinets - I spray Pledge directly on clean cloth in and wipe down.  This is a new use for me and I really like this.  I use Liquid Gold 3-4 times a year to help cabinets look nice and this has become a great way to keep cabinets looking nice weekly.
  • · Bathroom Cabinets - Again, just started doing this and I love it.  I use to wipe with Lysol as I cleaned the counter and they looked dull.  This has made a big change.
  • · Leather Furniture - you can spray directly, but I don't.  Just spray on clean cloth and wipe down, smell nice and keeps leather looking great.
  • · Car - I bring out a cloth sprayed with Pledge when I have to pick up my boys from practice.  I usually have to wait in car for a few minutes.  This is the time I wipe down dashboard, seats and doors.  Car smells great and looks wonderful.
  • · Stainless Steel - My all time favorite!  My refrigerator, dishwasher, stove looked like horrible with finger marks.  Nothing worked, I tried pledge on a whim and it looks absolutely wonderful.  Finger prints are also resistant for almost a week.  Beautiful shine and great results. 

I hope you enjoy cleaning as much as I do, I will keep you posted on new results!