Tucked away in the rolling countryside of Central Italy, the Maremma is Tuscany’s little secret. It's just as beautiful as Lucca. Just as fascinating as Florence. And just as inspiring as Pisa or Siena, but it still has its integrity and honest beauty - something these cities have foresaken in exchange from massive tourist numbers.

With an unique and natural ambiance, the Maremma is blessed with wild flowers that explode in the summertime. In autumn, beautiful leaves paint the fields orange, while in the spring its towns are like their own little worlds, immersed in a unique and rich history and culture that is so different from the one next to it that you feel like you've changed country.

For those on a food lovers' trail, the Maremma is highly regarded for its outstanding red and vivid white wines, as well as for its food and typical products, which could be best described as rather simple but flavorful dishes prepared following ancient recipes and utilizing the finest regional ingredients. Dishes like lepre arrosto (roast hare), panzanella (a bread salad) and ragù di cinghiale (wild boar ragout) are like nothing you've every tasted before. So flavourful and rich, they're the sorts of dishes you'd expect in find only in Italy with its culinary reputation.

But the Maremma has more to offer than just food and wine. The little towns and villages perched on hills and scattered throughout the landscape are seeped in a tradition and history that is both ancient and vibrant. Pieces of history, these beautiful communities transport you back to the grand past of Italy, and whilst they may not have the beautiful boutiques of Verona, they are unbelievable to behold because they are, from the grandest churches to the smallest houses, exactly as they were centuries ago. Towns like Saturnia, Montemerano and Pitigliano are relics of the past. These towns are not only beautiful to behold but also hide churches, castles, monuments, archaeological museums and ruins that date back as far as the Etruscans.

Seeped in centuries of history, Scarlino is one such town sure to leave you speechless with its medieval spirit and breathtaking monuments. Montemerano, on the otherhand, is a town where life continues to move at a slower, more relaxed pace. Here the locals are ever welcoming and everyone takes the time to truly admire the beautifully old houses and cobble-stone streets.

Another beautiful location is Porto Ercole. The Maremma will forever catch your breath with the simplicity of its countryside and the richness of its culture and history. But, it's also lucky enough to have an organic landscape that is awesome and completely unblemished. Lush and green, Porto Ercole is a port city with the endless Tuscan countryside on one side and the ever calm sea on the other. As a city, it has the finest restaurants and bars, but the moment you step outside its borders, you're immediately thrust into a landscape that is defined by picturesque beaches and fields just aching to be explored. A striking territory where nature meets history, Porto Ercole is so incredible, so stunning, that you'll want to pack up everything and move here.

Truly a spot unlike any other, The Tuscan Maremma is the getaway location people dream about. An incredibly unique territory, this Southern Tuscan paradise is simply one of the best holiday destinations in the world.