The Troll Face

The Troll Face

Facebook has definitely become a part of our daily lives. It is the place where a part of us is always available in the shape of our profiles, it’s where we socialize to our surroundings and even to the ones who are far distant, and it’s where we check in after every time interval to go through what’s happening in others’ lives. Thus, there is a lot to do on Facebook. Its users are increasing day by day. Other than the optimum platform for socialization, the reason of its popularity is its approach to entertainment.

Entertainment on Facebook

Facebook has acquired a style of sideline for its users. Where most sign in in the evening or at part time at work, millions are signed in 24 hours a day through their phones. The reason behind the craze is not only waiting for a notification but it’s an on-the-go entertainment that Facebook provides. This entertainment is in the form of viewing the pages of different brands, companies, job portals, reading blogs and success stories, following your stars and reading articles etc. In spite of all these long reading habits, Facebook also provides a huge number of groups and pages for amusement and laughter.


Facebook Trolls

Facebook Trolls or in lay terms ‘laughter photos’ is the newest achievement of Facebook. These are simple but really amusing jokes made from the usual daily happenings or any major event, geographically and culturally optimized through related area themes, political figures or recent scenarios for the huge variety of Facebook users. The celebrity of Facebook Trolls is the Facebook Troll Face with its peculiar face and that devilish smile which has become its landmark! You can pass hours reading Trolls on Facebook without a hint of boredom. It’s even the first reason for many, for sneaking out from their daily bored routine and laughing out loud on these Trolls on Facebook. LOL, Rage faces, Troll face, Le are the most famous of all the Facebook Trolls. They have become more like characters having a definite image in our minds.


Facebook Troll face

The Facebook troll face is a black and white character having a mischievous smile. He shows a grin after doing something really naughty. He shows that trolls have whilst angering people. This troll face is allocated in funny scenes and the dialogues are written. The groups of pictures leave the reader unconsciously smiling as these Trolls on Facebook are very close to reality incidents. There are many troll face pages on Facebook, with their ‘likes’ counting to even 6 millions.


Authors of trolls on Facebook

Anyone who has seen these funny pictures is bound to think that who in the world would have such a nut brain to come up with these hilarious happenings from daily routine stuff. And even more intriguing is the question that who would have designed the Facebook Troll Face in the first place. The answer to it is that the troll face was founded as an MS paint comic by deviant Art user Whynne. He uploaded it on the 19th of September, 2008. It was an attempt to draw a comic character known as Rape Rodent. But instead, it came to be known as the Facebook Troll Face also called the cool face. The first comic of Facebook Trolls was posted in 2008 to Ebaums world, and after that, its derivatives were created. Later, a Facebook page was created in 2010 which pushed an increase of likes to millions in less than a year. Though, later many other pages of Trolls on Facebook were created.

Trolls on Facebook are definitely the fun pack on Facebook. Facebook has lifted the bar of entertainment through these simple yet highly amusing laughter photos.