The Maze Runner written by James Dashner and directed by Wes Ball is about a group of teenagers and young adults who are trapped in the Glade. The Glade is a square of land enclosed  in the Labyrinth where the group cultivate crops and lives. Every morning the doors to the Labyrinth open up, and The Runners, select boys to map the Labyrinth, go in. At night the doors shut, and the runners could potentially be killed by dangerous monsters called Grievers. Grievers, The Maze, and The Glade can be seen in the following video.

The Design FX and Filming of The Maze Runner


Thomas is the main character in the novel and movie. He would rise up to be an encouraging leader amongst the group of boys because he and a fellow runner survived a horrid night in the complex network of passages that lies beyond their crops and houses. Thomas, like all the others, were brought up from a cargo elevator that carries supplies and a new person every month. This elevator does not bring people back down. Thomas can be seen below.


Teresa Agnes

Teresa Agnes is the final person that comes up though the elevator, and surprisingly she's a girl. At that point there was no other girls in the group. With her came a note saying, "She's the last". This meant that she is the last person they are sending up to the glade. The bunch started to get confused, and by the end of the evening Thomas knew that they had to find a way out of the maze. Teresa and the elevator are in this picture below

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Concluding Words

I sincerely suggest that you take your friends, children, and family to see this movie. It has a great plot with many characters that bring many different view points and personalities to the story. The Maze Runner is a novel as well, I suggest you read, but if you are not a book person just watch the movie and you will understand the plot. This movie comes with a bit of suspense, creativity, a good conflict, and finally a nice bunch of characters. I would rate this movie 4.5 out of five stars because a conflict is seen, and by the end you will see how this conflict is managed.

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The Maze Runner Rating

The Maze Runner written by James Dashner and directed by Wes Ball Donovan Sak 2014-09-27 4.5 0 5