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Ok, so in your hunt for tattoo designs you've stumbled across the many wonderful Koi fish tattoo designs. There are a lot of colorful and impressive options out there for japanese Koi fish tattoos, but what do they mean? This article is intended to tell you a bit about the symbolism and background behind the meaning of Japanese koi fish tattoos, and help you understand before you get your tattoo inked.

I hope that this added understanding will increase your enjoyment of your Koi fish tattoo design, and it will give you a little more to say when people ask you for details about your shiny new tattoo!

Meaning of Koi Fish Tattoos: History

Koi Fish Tattoo Design Ideas

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The Koi fish is a very important fish for the people of Japan. You may notice Koi ponds all over the place if you visit. The Koi themselves are pretty impressive, and they grow to quite large sizes. In Japanese (and Buddhist) lore, the Koi fish is a significant creature.

In understanding the meaning of Koi fish tattoos, you should know that they are symbolic of perseverance and strength in adverse conditions. Japanese Koi tattoos are then symbols of the same thing. There was a certain waterfall on the Yellow River. The legend goes that if a Koi was able to climb these falls and reach the top, they would be transformed into a dragon

The meaning of Japanese Koi fish tattoos is based on a warrior's strength. It is said that the Koi is a warrior's fish. It is said that the Koi is brave enough to face the danger of a waterfall. If it is caught by a fisherman, it faces death on the chopping block bravely too, just as a Samurai warrior would

Meaning of Koi Fish Tattoos: Color

Koi Fish Tattoos


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You should be aware that your tattoos will represent your sex based on which color you go with. There is a specific color for each member of the family.

Red is said to represent the mother, black represents the father figure. Blue and white are to represent a son, while pink represents a daughter. When choosing your tattoo, you should be conscious of this. The Koi fish tattoo design you choose could represent a family member that you're trying to remember or memorialize. 

Also, the meaning of a gold koi fish tattoo design is supposed to represent monetary wealth (gold, obviously), and platinum represents success in business. Other colors are available, and multi-colored Koi do exist, so feel free to mix and match colors for a multitude of meaning. 

Meaning of Koi Fish Tattoos: Summary

Koi Tattoo Design Ideas

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The Koi fish tattoo design is a symbol of strength in the face of adversity, courage, a warrior's conviction, and family relationship. All of these meanings are compatible with one another. You can customize your koi fish tattoo and meanings by altering the colors or adjusting the design (what the fish is doing). 

Good Luck!