If you have been considering saving yourself for marriage, it is a big decision for any young person. Whether it has been encouraged by a parent or guardian or you have made the decision for yourself, you may have looked into purity rings. If you are unfamiliar and looking for more information – this article will help you to understand what exactly purity rings represent, as well as a bit about their history.

What are They?

Purity rings are also known as chastity rings or promise rings. They are typically worn by younger people and are meant to represent that person’s commitment to remain celibate until marriage. While some people feel as though they don’t need a constant reminder to save themselves until marriage, purity rings have gained popularity recently and are becoming more and more prevalent. When purchasing and wearing a purity ring, a person is essentially vowing to remain a virgin until marriage. Often, parents encourage their children to wear the ring, but it is ultimately their decision.

How Did They Get Popular?

As mentioned earlier in this article, purity rings have recently gained popularity. During George Bush’s presidency, a push for abstinence-only sex education in schools was heavily encouraged. In schools that taught students to abstain, purity rings were often a point of focus. When the popular group The Jonas Brothers, were at the top of the charts in 2007, they announced that they wore the rings, as well. Their fans mostly consisted of teenage girls, began to take note of the rings and they started to become more and more prevalent.

For Those Who Choose Them…

For young people who decide that purity rings are the right choice for them, the ring will be a daily reminder of the pact they have made with both God and themselves to remain a virgin until marriage. If the temptation is there, a simple glance at the ring can set one straight and keep them on their path. Purity rings will also act as a visual statement to others, showing them that you have made the promise and are committed to keeping it. This can be very important when starting and maintaining a relationship. On the wearer’s wedding day, the ring can be exchanged for a wedding ring.

Make the Decision

Purity rings are a very powerful piece of jewelry with a big meaning. Once an adult gets married and trades in the ring for a wedding ring, they can then keep their purity ring somewhere safe in order to pass it down to their child. Purity rings are commonly heirloom pieces that are passed down through the generations. It can be very special for a young girl or boy to have a ring passed down from a mother or father, so be sure to share your choices with your children, as well. Ultimately – it will be their decision just like it was yours. If you feel as though you are ready to make a pact with God to stay pure until marriage, then a purity ring may be the right decision for you.