The Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck. When the fool appears in a reading, it usually represents the seeker. The fool tarot card is sometimes misunderstood. The card does not always represent foolishness; sometimes it represents newness and optimism.

In many tarot decks, the fool is featured with a bag or a sack on his back looking out toward a path or a cliff. The image of the fool looking out over the cliff or path conveys a feeling of endless possibilities. In the Rider- Waite tarot deck and other decks, the fool is accompanied by a dog that is usually jumping at his heel.

The basic general meaning of the fool tarot card is the start of new beginnings or a new journey. Usually the new journey or beginning is spontaneous or being taken on a leap of faith. This card represents innocence and optimism sometimes to the point of naiveté. The Fool can also represent foolish behavior and can serve as a warning to be more careful or wise in your dealings.

When the fool tarot card shows up in a relationship reading it can represent something new and exciting taking place in the relationship. It could also represent the start of a relationship. Usually when surrounded in a spread by hearts the fool could mean a relationship is about begin. For people who have trouble trusting, the fool card could be a warning to be more trusting and optimistic about the future.

In finances, the fool card usually means that the seeker is being foolish with their spending or is not taking enough time to plan their finances or business properly. Depending on the card's position in a spread or the surrounding cards, the fool could also represent a new business venture.

The fool tarot card is a card of faith and possibilities. It is the card you sometimes see when you need to or decide to take a chance.