We often hear about video games in the newspaper or on TV but, for some reasons, they are considered to be bad for people. I say it's the complete opposite !

Common sense in media

Recently, I watched a documentary called Moral Kombat from Spencer HMoral Kombat screenshotCredit: Spencer Halpin for Moral Kombatalpin. I was stunned by this documentary as it evolves around the idea that the video game industry is a bad experience for people in general. Some might say that this documentary was good, but I say no. Why? Because, it was about either judging or out of context. Plus it was giving too many information for the brain to take all in consideration. A normal documentary is somewhat slow but this one was a never-ending roller coaster of information, as if they did not wanted us to think through it.

Moral Kombat even went on to say that playing online was hurtful for us gamers. Am I a serial killer for playing games online? Not at all ! I'm all about respect in real life. I'd like the fourth estate to understand gamers instead of judging them. But no, they want something else...


Media sees controversy when there is absolutly none.

Have you ever been mad at an article or a TV reporter for saying things that were never even true? I sure did feel that way on many occasions. In general, the only thing they want is to find a big story. When they see controversy, they see viewers. So, therefore, games are an easy target. General news, should stay out of the video game industry by all means.

Mass Effect's love sceneCredit: Bioware-EA

For example, I am a fan of a series called Mass Effect and I was shocked to hear there was a controversy related to that game. In this game, you take control of Commander Shepard and he has to save the universe's fate. By the end of the game, you can start a relationship with on
e of your squad mates. The media jumped on the fact, telling people you could do everything and anything (ex : ''sodomization'') with that love interest. This was not true at all. In fact, that part of the game is in a cutscene where the gamer is only an observer. In my mind, parents, who did not know about the game, could easily judge based on what they saw on TV. Meaning that they would not to buy it because they were not well informed on the subject.


Games are simply a way to explore our creativity

I know,  there is violence in the video game industry, and I'm not saying that a child should play games like Manhunt or Call Of Duty. But just to keep in mind that these games are not true, it's not real life! It's exactly where the media strikes : they diform the real objective of a game experience. They only bring the worst out of it and create their articles around that. They never take the time to mention the positive sides. 

Somewhere in the midst of it all, there are some solutions which can bring the positive aspects of the gaming world. I could find a lot of different sites, or TV shows that are made by and for gamers. Their ideas are plain, simple and honnest. G4 TV (TV Broadcast), IGN.com (video gIGNCredit: IGN.comame site) G4's logoCredit: G4 TVand plenty of podcast about games are all available and entertaining. They specialized in this area and they are looking for accurate news and updates. For them, games are a creative way to express who we are. This is the source material every gamers should rely on.


Don't forget that the the main objective of gaming is entertainment, not controversies. If the fourth estate could be open minded we could all get a more positive, less judging gaming environment. It's up to the media to start and show some tolerance about certain aspects of this wonderful industry.