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Being an athlete most of my life, I have had to deal with countless injuries. Some injuries were more acute and didn't require more than some rest but I've also had injuries that required an extended period of rest and also a great deal of rehab. Chances are, if you partake in any sort of physical activities, you have had to deal with some sort of sports injury. As an athlete myself, I've used physical activities and sports to not only stay in shape but to also help mitigate the daily stresses in life. When I was sidelined for a longer period of time, I found that I had trouble dealing with not being able to be active. Here are some techniques that I found useful during this period.

Things You Will Need

Focus on a different muscle group. If you have a lower body injury, then take the focus off of your lower body and turn that focus somewhere else. Take this period as a time to strengthen your upper body (chest, biceps, triceps, deltoids) or to strengthen your core (lower back, abs).

Look into other types of physical activities that will help you stay active without further harming your injury. Often, I found that swimming or exercises in a pool, which help to reduce impact but also, provide an effective workout. Also, pull-ups can be done when there are leg injuries and are very effective in strengthening the upper body.

Take this time to also strengthen and sharpen the mental aspects of your game by watching video of replays and reading up on strategy. There are many ways to improve your game. One of those ways is to understand the game better conceptually.

Pick up a new non-sport related activity. One of my neglected hobbies when I was heavily training for a sport was music. When I was sidelined, I picked up playing guitar again and found that it helped to take my mind off not being able to practice sports.

Spend more time with optimistic friends. One of the things that you don't want to do when trying to overcome this period is to be inactive and dwell on the fact that you are sidelined. Take this time to make spend time with your friends and to stay optimistic.

For athletes, this can be a very difficult game and just like in all aspects of sports, this aspect of the sport rehab period also requires practice. Take this time to strengthen your mental game.

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