metro-alpha male

The Evolution of Man

Thousands of years ago mankind’s tribal communities gave rise to the alpha male as an evolutionary mechanism for survival. Fast forward to today our bustling metropolitans have given rise to the prolific metrosexual male (metros). So which one is better? On one hand, alphas will always fundamentally dominate social hierarchies however they often lack a certain sophistication of style. On the other hand, metros are more ‘attractive’ due to their meticulous grooming and dress sense, however may lack that ruggedness and innate confidence that alphas naturally possess.

Now this begs the question why can’t we have best of both worlds? That is, to have the stylish-sophisticated look of a metrosexual with the powerful-confidence of an alpha.

The answer is we definitely can.

The Metro-alpha male is the epitome of evolution – Having both an immaculate superficial exterior, and a commanding and solid interior. It’s only a matter of combining the two synergistically

Let’s approach this from two angles 'APPEARANCE' & 'CONFIDENCE' (although the two are interlinked, being confident makes you look attractive OR feeling attractive makes you feel confident) that way we can learn to sculpt ourselves on the inside and outside

APPEARANCE: The Metro Aspect

What does a metro do to become an Adonis? As the saying goes ‘beauty is only skin deep’ and this rings true for the metro. By addressing and fine-tuning the superficial aspects of beauty it is easy to create the metro look. It just becomes a matter of spending lots of time and money to create an immaculate appearance.

Here are the main aspects you need to address to have the metro appearance.


The key is to get extremely custom clothes as if they were weaved by the gods themselves specifically for you. Wherever you can opt for haute couture (custom handmade clothes), there is nothing better than clothes that fit perfectly. As a general rule fitted beats baggy any day, save the baggy pants for the lazy Sunday afternoons on the couch

It’s not just about following fashion trends or buying expensive designer brands but also finding something that you are comfortable with. You could wear a potato sack and make it look good if you embrace the look (although you might look crazy). Sure enough, wearing expensive clothes can make you look trendy and successful however it really has to suit your personality.


Your shoes are the foundations of your outfit. They support your appearances in many ways by complementing and completing your outfit.  

In general, find shoes that add height to add stature and style to create impressionability. The key is to match the outfit and the occasion. I would invest in a full-length mirror to see whether or not the shoes match.

Lastly, the state of your shoes says a lot about how you as a person so always give those suckers a shine once in a while.

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Confucius says, if you pay 8 dollars for a haircut you will get an 8 dollar haircut. The lesson: you get what you pay for. Always be willing to spend a bit more to find a quality hairdresser that can match your face to the best hairstyles. Your hair is your crowning glory so wear it proudly.

In terms of length, keep your hair within the ranges of short to medium-short.  Unless you want to look like a rock star keep it short and clean.

Experiment with different hairstyles to see which one suits you. Not all haircuts were created equal.

Also, keeping your hair nourished and styled with the appropriate hair care products is necessary if you want to maintain a healthy crop at the top.

Facial Hair

Always groom your facial hair. Leaving it to grow like the Amazon won’t do you many favors. Whether you want to go clean or neat is really up to the look you are trying to go for.

If you’re a hirsute fella theninvest in a facial grooming kit, it will revolutionize the way you shave.

Facial Care

There is an abundance of emerging beauty products tailored for men’s skin. Gone are the days when your friends will laugh at you for using an exfoliator and moisturizer. Your face is a story so why not protect and take care of it.

Invest in a complete facial product range that suits your skin type, that way you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune trialling hundreds of different products. Keep to a facial routine and in no time your face will be glowing.

CONFIDENCE: The Alpha Aspect

The alpha male is all about power and confidence. You don’t necessarily need a Herculean demeanor and unshakable character you just need to build this innate confidence.

 There are many ways to boost your confidence however it really comes down to being completely comfortable with whom you are. Here are some of the key areas to exemplify the attributes of an alpha male.


Head high looking directly straight ahead, back straight, shoulders lowered and back – this is the optimal posture in any given situation. A good posture signifies composure and supreme confidence without arrogance.

Your Walk

How you walk can tell a lot about your level of confidence. Someone that takes small steps can be perceived as meek and lacking confidence. Learn to take wider strides in your steps, walk with purpose and with a steady rhythm. If you must, get someone to record and critique your walk. Having a strong and purposeful stride can make a huge difference to how people perceive you and more importantly how you feel.


Alphas are alphas for a reason. They are physically able. The primary role of the alpha is to protect the tribe. If he is physically unable then he is no longer fit to protect.

Go to the gym regularly and build some muscle mass. Focus on building lean upper-body muscle (chest, back, arms) and doing cardio to lose fat around the torso and lower regions. Make sure you exercise regularly (3-5 times a week, 1 hour sessions) and keep to a healthy and balanced diet.

Being physically fit will not only make you look stronger you will feel a new found confidence. Moderation is the key, overdoing it will only make you look like you’re overcompensating for your insecurities.


The mark of a true alpha male is in his voice. An alpha male has a truly distinctive and powerful vocal tool. It is deep and resonant that instantly commands respect.

The truth is, not everyone is blessed with a powerful commanding voice. You will just have to deal with what you’ve got most of the time. However there are some simple tips to build this alpha voice.

  • Do vocal exercises that stretch and warm up your vocal cords. There are plenty of free videos on YouTube to help build a strong voice.
  • Breathe through your diaphragm – where your belly rises rather than your chest. Your breathing should be slow and deep which in turn will induce a sense of relaxation and confidence.
  • Slow down your speaking, take breaths between each thought and when someone finishes speaking. These pauses send signals that you are calm and collected.
  • Use your lower ‘natural’ register – high pitched voices are the least credible, on the contrary deep voices are the most authoritative. Practices using your lower natural registers possible without making it sound forced. You will notice it is often more resonant and powerful


Your eyes will tell almost everything about your confidence in a matter of split seconds. If you are one to avoid eye contact break this habit and start looking people in the eye. Aim for about 60-70% eye contact time and make it natural. If you feel uncomfortable try what I call ‘smiley’ eyes which simply involves smiling more at people with the muscles around your eyes are contracted (pulled up) – otherwise known as the Duchenne smile.

When you smile you release neuropeptides (dopamine and endorphin) that physiologically boosts your confidence and relaxes you. The important thing to remember in all these situations is that the smile must be genuine.

Cool, Calm & Collected

If you had to narrow down all the attributes physically, mentally and emotionally to epitomize the essence of an alpha male it would to be cool, calm and collected (CCC) in all situations.

These are the essential attributes of a leader. You can have any other attribute of confidence but if you are not CCC your façade as an leader will break.

So how do we become CCC? The alpha is a leader by virtue simply because they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the tribe. This is essentially what it takes to be an alpha; to be unafraid of the unknown, courageous to stand up for others and to be decisive about action.

If you can adopt this type of mindset and belief in your everyday life you will become an alpha.

A Master of Inner and Outer Self

The immaculate appearance of a metro is nothing more than a beautifully crafted veneer that serves to communicate sophistication. On the other hand, the alluring confidence of an alpha stems from his ability to display the markings of a leader. By synergistically taking the immaculate veneer of sophistication and layering it on top of a foundation built on leadership qualities you create a powerful force to be reckoned with. The evolution of the male species has reached its pinnacle when it has mastered his external and internal self that is the metro-alpha.

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