Does Your Job Deserve You?

Is your current job standing in the way of happiness, freedom, and a better life?

If you are reading this article, chances are, you hate your job and finally want to take control of it. In order to achieve this you must first take stock of your job and what it is to you. A job can either be JUST a tool for paying your bills, or a stepping stone to the next best thing in your life. At the end of your work day can you say that you enjoy doing your job and are excited for the next day? If you can't, it's time to do something about it.

What Action Should I Take To Better Myself?

Necessary steps to move in the right direction.

Most people (myself included) get caught up in letting a job become such a high priority in life, we lose sight of what it is that's worth working for in order to see the results we want to see and be able to enjoy our lives more. This is exactly what most if not all "jobs" are designed to do: distract you from what it is you really want and enjoy in life. Little do most people know, there are a TON of steps you can take to eradicate this viscous cycle.

I can only shed light from my own personal trials and tribulations on this matter but I find them to be very insightful (I wish this article was available 2 years ago when my problem(s) started to escalate).

For the past 3 years I worked full time at a job I started to despise after around 6 months of working there. Why did I stay so long if I was miserable you may ask? Well I fell victim to the "I have to earn a constant paycheck, even if it means I'm miserable" mentality. I couldn't imagine my life without having enough money to pay my bills deposited into my bank account every 2 weeks. I had aspirations to "one day" get out of that situation and be apart of something better, where I'm not miserable and still be able to live a comfortable lifestyle. Quite recently (~ 2 weeks ago) I did what I thought I would never be able to do: quit my job that had constantly sucked the life, motivation, and hope out of me.

It finally got to the point where I would no longer allow myself to be unproductive and not take drastic steps in order to get myself closer to my ultimate goal which is having a comfortable lifestyle, on my own terms. I made a bold move by taking a job with less pay, less hours, and possibly less security. The upshot was I'd have more time to work on my ventures that I am passionate about and could catapult me into achieving my goal, have more time to spend with my friends and family, and above all else, be happier and enjoy life more. I had a few angles though, the job that I recently took is on a golf course, I would be subject to a sport that I have a huge passion for. My motive for this was that it would provide more drive for me and keep that drive more consistent. Today was my fourth day and despite uncertainty about being able to pay my bills and having to get a full time job working elsewhere again, it looks promising financially in that it will alleviate that stress allowing me to focus more on my goal(s). Everything worked out right? Not quite...

What I did was buy myself more time with this “upshot” being able to possibly become more than just a chance. I will have more time to work on generating enough income on my own to soon enable me to be self sustaining. Does this mean that you have to quit your job and take the chance I did in order to take a step in the right direction to achieve your goals? Absolutely not. The point being made here is that I thought outside the box enough to provide an opportunity, an opportunity that I would not have otherwise had I not made this move. This opportunity can be made for you a number of different ways:

  • Reinvent Yourself Within Your Current Job

    • You have complete control over your own mindset, if your disgust with your current job isn't to the point where it would take more energy to rebuild yourself in your current job than it would to create a new job, this is the simplest route to take. You can take stock of everything it is you can't stand about your job, and make it your goal to approach those things from an angle that will allow you to manage them better and ultimately not allow them to bother you nearly as much. Remember, a job is a tool; if you see it as that instead of something you'll suffer with forever, you'll gain more perspective on how you should and should not let your job affect you.

  • Establish Your Passion(s) and Follow It/Them

    • Passion will drive you and allow you to achieve things you may not believe you can achieve. If your current job allows you to follow your passion and your passion makes suffering worth it, it will be easier to make the transition into being able to pursue your passion full time. I am a strong believer in doing what you are passionate about. In the day and age we live in, you can make an income doing almost anything; why not focus on how you can do what your passionate about while being able to pay your bills? Hopefully this will make the “ah ha!” light bulb appear above your head.

  • Part Way's and Move On Towards What You Want

    • Sometimes in life you have to realize that you are apart of something that has no more opportunity. A job is a resource, if that resource has been fully utilized, it may be time to start thinking about packing up shop and moving on to the next resource, ideally a more sustainable resource that is easier to tap into. Start to explore your trade and what you know you can make money off of. Would you be willing to apply your same trade but with a different company? Can you take a entry-level job somewhere in order to pursue your passion and become more driven? If you have your heart set on doing what you are passionate about and making money off it, maybe you need to stick with your 40 hour/week job in order to keep a roof over your head while you spend another 10-20 hours/week outside your job making your passion(s) lucrative in some way or another. Once that becomes promising enough to where you are willing to take a chance by either cutting your work week down by getting a different job with less hours, less money, and possibly less security or taking a bit of a break (because you have enough savings to get you by 3-6 months without earning a “steady” income) with the possibility of having to go back to a 40/hour a week job to get back on your feet, pull the trigger. It's a big decision but this whole article is meant to get you to make bigger decisions for your own good.

Make It Happen and Don't Look Back

If you're ready to make a decision it's time to kick it into high gear and make this strategy work for you.

If you've made a decision, you've realized that there is no margin for error. It's do or die now. As scary as that may be, I can assure you that this opportunity CAN yield high benefit... If you stay committed and know what it is you have to do all the while knowing what your absolute worse case scenario is: go back to a 40 hour/week job in order to stay stable and start over with a different strategy, mindset, etc. The reason this risk is worth taking is because this risk is what sets you apart from the majority of society that DOESN'T take this risk, and stays miserable for the rest of their career. This risk is less of a risk the smarter you are with your finances (e.g. save, save, save! You should have AT LEAST 3 months worth of your bills paid in your savings account AT ALL TIMES), and by being more committed than you have before. You will be able to stay committed because the decision you have made is for your better good and you will be able to pay your bills (one way or another) during this transition of either working for yourself or getting a job where you won't hate waking up in the morning and being alive for at least 8 hours a day.

Stay committed, passionate, and driven. Know that you are working your hardest to get to the more desirable lifestyle you want and deserve and know the harder you work, the more likely you are to actually achieving it. If you've been smart enough to secure something where all you have to do is work hard in order to become self sustaining and independent (whatever that may mean for you), it's easy to realize why you want to work hard.

Don't think a better life is “for the other guy” or that you have to be miserable just to get by in life. Set your mind to what you want, be resourceful enough to figure out how to make it happen and what you will need, formulate a strategy, break that strategy up into steps, set these steps as your goals, achieve these goals, rinse and repeat. I'm not here to tell you it's easy. I'm here to tell you IT'S POSSIBLE.