There are many pint sized refrigerators available, but it is actually a bit difficult to find a mini freezer. It is easy to find a huge chest freezer, but when you don't need something that big, it is often a challenge to find what you want. There are many occasions when you need just a little bit more room to freeze things and the freezer compartment in your refrigerator is filled to the brim. This is your guide to the best mini freezers available and the features that they have.

Stand up Freezers

There are basically two types of compact freezers. The first one is the stand-up type. Avanti makes one that has a capacity of 2.9 cubic feet, which is quite a bit smaller than your average full sized freezer. Because it is upright, it has shelves that help to organize the contents inside. This freezer also has a reversible door and a manual defrost system. The stand up type is a lot more useful for storing items that need to be removed frequently. For this reason, many people choose them to use as a bar freezer, right alongside their fridge as an additional appliance.

Small Chest Freezers

If you are looking for a chest-style small freezer, Frigidaire makes one with a 5 cubic foot capacity. This is actually quite large for this type of freezer, but not as big as full sized units. This unit, like most fmini freezerreezers doesn't have a lot of functions to it. While may fridges come with fancy designs like ice cube and water dispensers in the door, freezers are pretty much designed just to freeze things, and that's about it. Some may come with fancier features such as digital temperature displays, but most are pretty basic. One thing you might want to look for is how it will defrost. Eventually, even the best freezers will frost up and ice will form. A manual defrost means that you take everything out, turn the unit off, and let the ice melt. This seems to be the normal way to de-ice chest freezers.

If you need both a small mini fridge with freezer, it is wise to be cautious when purchasing a combination fridge freezer. While the little refrigerators tend to work fine, the tiny freezers that come in most of these appliances doesn't seem to do much but ice up usually. While there are some that feature good working freezer compartments, more of them don't. Before you buy one of these small fridges, make sure you read reviews and test it once you get it. If the freezer compartment doesn't work right, bring it back to the store and exchange it for another one.