The Android platform's ability to operate in both smartphone and tablet forms has created a wave of tablets to complement mobile phones. There are two categories of tablets - larger slates for movies or affordable compact versions for reading e-magazines and e-books. This article provides an overview of the best Android tablets options for consumers. 

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

In the early days, tablets were always associated with a stylus for doodling on the large screen or making handwritten notes. Samsung applies the same formula to its Galaxy Note 10.1, adding even more functions to its stylus, which it calls S Pen. 

Once the stylus is removed from the holder, the tablet shows a list of apps optimised for Samsung's S Pen, including the note-taking app S Notes, its S Planner calendar app, the image- editing app Adobe Photoshop Touch and document editor Polaris Office.

S Pen is a useful tool for copying images, cropping screenshots and sending them out via e-mail. You will not need to go through multiple apps just to send a screenshot of a website or to highlight your favourite restaurants to your friends.

Its Multiscreen feature allows you to have two apps open side by side, just the way you would multitask on a desktop computer. So if you need to record an address from the web browser, you can activiate the Multiscreen feature, place the notepad app next to the web browser and copy the address


2. Sony Xperia Tablet S

Sony Xperia Tablet S

This Android tablet is splashproof and has plastic covers to protect the connectors from water damage. In design terms, the tablet is a chip off the old block, retaining the same tapered shape of its predecessor, but slimmed down to make it easier to handle.

Its 16GB internal storage might seem limited but the table also has a slot for a full sized SD card to add movies or pictures to view on its 9.4 inch display. The pleasant user interface is as  intuitive as the earliest model with a shortcut bar that shows four of your favourite apps. The tablet also works as a remote control for your TV and home enterainment system. 

If you have children who are too keen to play with your gadget, its Guest Mode lets you set parental controls and allow them to use only the kid-friendly apps. To know more about the tablet, I recommend reading reviews of Sony Xperia Tablet S

3. Google Nexus 7

Google's Nexus 7 is the first of the Android phones to receive the latest OS updates. Its Wi-Fi version is the first of many inexpensive compact Android tablets to hit the market. Its hardware is well matched with Nvidia's Tegra 3 quad-core processor to deliver a buttery smooth user experience.

Its 10.5mm profile and 340g weight makes it slightly clunkier than other compact tablets but its rubberised coating provides a steady handling experience. The 7-inch display is adequate for reading e-books. With its screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, the tablet is also a decent entertainment unit for movies and music

Comparison of Technical Specifications

Comparison was done in terms of processor speed, RAM, display, cameras and battery life.

Tablet comparison