The Possibility That Minimum Wage Increase Could Create MORE Poverty Is VERY Real

Minimum Wage Increase Is Fraught With Peril

Mass Media And The Lies Machine

Listen, I'm a reasonable guy.  I've got a big heart, and probably you do too.  No reasonable person with even half a heart could want there to be more persons in poverty than there already are. All across the USA people are demanding an increase in minimum wage, but have they bothered to think about this logically?  No, no they have not.  People around the nation want an increase in minimum wage because they view it as an easy, logical fix; but they do so without bothering to employee any critical thinking skill at all.  They refuse to think raising minimum wage might be a BAD idea because they imagine persons opposed to it hate the poor, and are "evil republicans."  Obama, the guy in the highest office, that never ceasing liar and breaker of his oaths of office, he and his complicit mass media go on and on about "rogue groups of republicans" that are holding up progress.

The key to understanding history as it unfolds before our eyes is this:  Plutocracy on the global scale wants to see a one world government, both the Islamic world and the power of the USA stand in front of that goal, and the mass media, international corporations one and all, seek to cause the USA to destroy itself.  Obama is certainly the golden boy for that gig, and he's doing a damned fine job of destroying the USA, the mass media?  Oh it's a divide/conquer international oligarch's dream team machine, and Obamacare and minimum wage increases are two of its most wonderfully divisive inventions yet.  Just take for a brief example the article from The Atlantic titled "32 Republicans Who Caused The Government Shutdown.[1]"  Did republicans cause the government shutdown?  Of course they did!  They had equal guilt as democrats.  Democrats caused it just the same as republicans did, but Obama states on national television some crap or another that Republicans caused the shutdown, then international mass media corporations, birds of a feather, they flock together repeating what a habitual liar stated, and people like Oprah then cry, "racism."  Isn't it a beautiful machine, this thing being used to destroy us?  Let's just blame republicans for what happened for standing their ground, sticking to principles, and being the opposite of a two face habitual liar like Barack Hussein Obama.

Fair Wage? Living Wage? What The Heck Is That?

Fair Wage!

1. There Is No Such Thing As A Fair Wage, Or A Living Wage

I hear people non stop online talking about how the lowest paid workers deserve more money.  These people will say the lowest paid and least skilled workers deserve a fair wage, or a living wage.  What nobody can do is say what a fair wage is, or that living wage thing is.  Every single different person, if asked, would wind up giving a different number or different definition of what this "fair wage" is, or what a "living wage" is.

Why is that?  Well, it's because it's an opinion, it's not a fact.  Who can determine who deserves what?  There is no objective or factual or scientific way to say one guy deserves this much and that guy deserves that much.  Economics is always some sort of negotiation.  If you don't want to pay the asked price for a product, you don't buy the product.  If you don't want to work for a business because you don't like the wages they offer you, you turn down the job.  This is how negotiation works.

If a business man keeps losing workers for their dissatisfaction with his wages he would realize he is going to have to offer either more money, or some other sort of benefit to sweeten the deal.  If a business man can't sell his product because it is over priced, he'll realize he has to lower the asking price for the product in order to compete in whatever the market may be.  If people keep purchasing a product at the asking price, then there is no reason why a business person would think to make less money for his business by taking less for the product; but this is all just common sense.  All business is an ongoing negotiation.  Who can ever say that an individual DESERVES more and some business DESERVES less income?  When a business gets income for providing goods or services, all persons in that business benefit as the business will then grow, or perhaps give out bonuses, pay raises, etc.  If the people at the top end of a business hoard all the profit then the employees can choose to find a job they consider more to their liking.  It's all negotiation, and in the USA it is illegal to force someone to work for you; slavery is abolished.  If you don't like your job, you can go get one you do like, or you can just be an unhappy employee for as long as someone tolerates it and keeps you employed.

It's all about negotiation, supply and demand; and did it ever occur to these living wage people that the cost of living in an apartment and buying groceries is different in San Francisco, California than it is in Kaufman, Texas?  It would cost maybe twice, or three times as much in San Francisco to rent a comparable apartment as it would cost in the town I live; so how is a set minimum wage ever completely fair?  It seems these people who are determined to have a set and raised minimum wage believe a person in rural Texas deserves more disposable income than does a person earning the same wages for the same job in San Francisco - as the facts of the matter are living in Kaufman, Texas costs less than living in San Francisco, California.

Living Wage? Moral Value?

Living Wage

Living Wage Is A Pipe Dream

Again, ask any two people what a living wage is, and you'll get two different answers because it is all a matter of opinion.  One person will say, 

"Oh well they should be able to buy a house, a decent automobile, and  buy food, clothing, and have free health insurance, and buy presents, and entertain themselves, and, and, and....."

Well okay, what kind of house?  How big should the house be?  How new should the house be?  How energy efficient should the house be?  Or was someone suggesting that a certain amount of money should be available for a person to purchase a house with?  

What is a "decent automobile?"  Are we saying everyone should be able to afford a Ford Focus, or are we saying everyone should be able to afford a Chevy Tahoe?  

What kind of clothes should this living wage purchase?  How many pairs of pants?  How many pairs of boots, or was it shoes, or boots and shoes?  What brand of shirt?  Do they get a jacket too?  One jacket, or two jackets....leather jackets?  Or would leather jackets not be allowed because no one wishes to offend the vegans?  I'm offended by vegans, and so should no one get cotton jackets so as to not offered me?

What exact food?  Is there some certain amount of food each person should be able to purchase, or should everyone be able to afford to stuff their faces indefinitely, or cook meals and only eat some of the meal, letting the rest spoil?  How much is enough?  How much for who?  If two people get the same amount of food, but one feels he has more than enough, and the other eats all his food, and says he's still hungry, what then?

Even were everyone in the USA, or in any other nation given the exact same amount of wealth, the people in one place would wind up with less for there being more costs of living in that place, and then they'd say this isn't fair for their having less - but they chose to live in that place, so how could it not be fair?  Even were everyone in the USA or any other nation given the exact same amount of wealth - before the end of a single day the dumbest people would have less, the craftier people would have more, and the entire cycle of economics would begin again.

What these people demanding raised minimum wage are saying is they have no power over the situation, and so they want someone with power to get involved, and do something about it.  It essentially seems they're saying might makes right, but only when they agree that this is so, not in situations where they do not agree it is so.

Economics Is About Supply And Demand

The Volume Of Currency Matters!

 Volume of Currency Matters

2. Raising Minimum Wage Doesn't Do Anything If Enough Money Is Printed

Mayer Amschel Bauer,  the founder of the Rothschild international banking dynasty once famously stated,

"Let me issue and control a nation's currency, and I care not who writes its laws."

Very obviously, the founder of the dynasty that would be the controlling family in the banking industry the world over believed controlling the currency to be extremely important in regards to wielding power.  The people demanding minimum wage be increased are not the people who control the USA's power.  Very likely, whatever nation you may be in, there are people demanding wage increases there too, and very likely, those people don't control that nation's currency.

Practically the very first concept anyone learns about economics is how economics is based largely in supply vs demand[2].  If a dollar is the unit of currency used in a nation, then it should logically follow that the more units of dollar there are in the nation the lesser in value the dollar will be. If cash is viewed as a commodity, then supply and demand economics clearly shows how the volume of currency is a defining standard for how valuable the cash will be.  If an entity or person controls the volume of a nation's currency, then that power defines the actual value of wages, and not the amount of wages paid in an hour's time for labor.

The Federal Reserve controls the volume of the dollars in this world.  The persons demanding minimum wage increases have no control over the volume of currency, and so, if they believe raising minimum wage will decrease poverty they are making a grand assumption, but it is only an assumption.  The monetary base or actual volume of dollars in circulation, however, isn't the only form of the dollar traded or involved in the value of the actual monetary base in existence.  Banks create credit through fractional reserve banking, and this plays heavily into the value of an individual dollar itself[3].  Higher minimum wage is in no way a fix to such problems which politicians have yet to address.

What Does Walmart Have To Do With It?

Walmart Wages

3. Hypocrisy Is Rampant, Minimum Wage Isn't The Problem, Values And Talk ARE

The best way to know democracy is a terrible form of government is to listen to the average voter talk for about five minutes of time.  What's wonderful about it all though is that voting in a booth for a politician is a worthless exercise, a national distraction, and nothing more.  If voting did anything we'd not be provided the distraction to begin with.  Oh the people have all the power, but they're too stupid to know it, or figure out how they are largely responsible for the situations they live in.  It is quite popular, however, to blame the mega rich for the problems the poor have.

Let me tell you something though, if it weren't for the poor the super rich wouldn't be super rich, they are only so wealthy because people continually spend all their income on new Nike shoes, or a new Chevrolet, or even worse, a 30 year mortgage they didn't bother to read the terms of for not having the intelligence to realize there's no promise of 30 years of prosperity ahead for anyone.

Nationally there is a massive fixation on large corporations.  One of the major targets of ire is Walmart.  One of the reasons so many want minimum wage raised is not so much they even care about minimum wage workers, but rather, they literally hate the people who're richer than them.  In other words, most of the people seeking outrageus wages for Walmart workers are more bent on their own jealousy of Waltons than on the living conditions of actual Walmart employees.  Do they put their money where their mouth is?  Nope.

Americans Can Be Counted On To Be Hypocrites - They Say One Thing, But Do Another

4. Minimum Wage Increase Would Hurt Small Business

Ninety Nine percent of the businesses in the United States of America are small business, and a small business can be defined in a number of different ways, and is specifically described on an industry by industry basis, but for a broader definition, a small business must always be less than 500 total employees.  Minimum wage increases and all the talk about those dastardly corporations only ever are targeted towards just ONE PERCENT of the total businesses in the USA.  It's as if 99 must be punished for the "misdeeds" of one percent.  This is, of course, the sort of values a democracy teaches - for democracy is only the rule of mob.

In my working life I've done a lot of skilled labor, and I've done some sales.  Primarily I've always been an hvac service technician, but I've also done a lot of electrical work.  I've worked for a lot of small business, and specifically, hvac and electrical contractors.  I'm a man who likes to talk, likes to listen, and likes to ask questions.  Every electrical and hvac contractor I've had the pleasure to get to know have all without prompting told me essentially the same thing, that for every dollar they make, they pay half of it in taxes.  What would minimum wage increase do to them?  Well, in regards to hvac contractors - next to nothing, however, with an electrical contractor there are many jobs lost for it all.  

I'm a fit guy.  I'm a long ways from dumb.  I'm very able to learn to do things, and I'm also willing.  What I'm not is a fool.  When I hear people say assemblers of burgers deserve $15/hr in wages, then I realize that there is NO LOGICAL REASON I'd want to make that amount of money, or a dollar or two more per hour for playing with high voltage or oxygen acetylene torches in someone's 150 degree Fahrenheit attic in a Texas Summer.  It wouldn't be wise, or healthy for me to do such work when I could work in an air conditioned McDonald's assembling burgers for $15/hr.

I'm not saying the burger assemblers of the world aren't worth $15 dollars an hour - what I am saying is that if they are, then my asking price for doing much more dangerous and much more skilled and licensed work in very uncomfortable conditions just went to about $25/hour, because there's just no way anyone is going to do hvac for what they could be earning as a entry level fast food person.  Why risk your life?  I wouldn't.  I also wouldn't pull Romex wire in someone's attic in the Summer in a new home under construction.  Construction is the most dangerous industry in the USA in terms of injuries, and if I can make that amount in fast food, then why would I bother with construction?  My asking price in electrical is going up if I can make just as much in fast food, or retail in an air conditioned store looking at pretty women all day.  Contractors, as I said, are already paying half their earned income in taxes, so do you think they're going to decide to carry all the burden for electrical, plumbing, or hvac work and make the same as me to compensate my increase in wages?  NO!  They're going to have to charge more to compensate themselves for my wage increases, and that means the customer will pay more.

Minimum wage increase in just that way I described above, and in thousands of industries will push costs for customers up.  Not just for the industries I mentioned, minimum wage increases will drive up prices for everyone in every industry.  Anyone who tells you this isn't so is simply lying. Small businesses make up the MAJORITY of our working population, more workers work for small businesses than these giant corporations persons are so eager to hate, and when minimum wage increases are suggested, one should consider that small businesses have produced nearly 3 our of 4 [4]new jobs in our nation.  The new jobs added to our economy won't be many if no one can afford to even get started for having the entry level position priced at skilled labor wages.

Fast Food Robot Chef


5. Replacing Entry Level Workers With Machines Is A Real Possibility - Why Pay Entry Level Workers When Machines Can Do The Job?

You can't get people to believe some things, especially when they aren't listening.  Do I want more impoverished people?  Dude, I don't work, I am the impoverished person.  This is why I DO NOT WANT minimum wage raised.  Oh sure, I've got skills and licenses, I can do lots of work which is way advanced from entry level, but I'm getting old, and I might just be tired of the things I've been doing my entire adulthood - I want a shot at new careers if I can get them, and so minimum wage increases is a terrifying thing.  Some people just won't listen to reason though, what they truly think is the rich should simply decide to become less rich. Minimum wage increase isn't going to make anyone say,

"Well, they got me!  With this new minimum wage increase, I'm just going to have to accept I'll never be a trillionaire!  I'll just have to accept being a lowly multi-billionaire!"

It doesn't work like that, more likely someone would say something like,

"HILARIOUS!  I'll just fire a few hundred thousand workers and replace them with machines! HA!  We'll make more money, and all because someone was so stupid they thought I'd really pay fifteen dollars an hour for entry wage laborers!"

A touch screen ordering machine and a robot sushi cook already exist in restaurants in Japan.[5]  Next time some barely out of high school youngster wants to organize a walkout from the fast food joint because they can't afford a bangin' bachelor pad and a hot rod on nine bucks an hour, just tell them that robochef said, "hi."

Recently even Bill Gates, the Microsoft guru, and purportedly the world's richest man has piped into the national conversation concerning minimum wage[6].  Gates stunned the hosts on the ridiculous MSNBC "news" show by stating what we all know, he essentially said that were minimum wage increased much, then there is a real risk that actual working people would be replaced by machines, and or have their hours reduced to nothing.  The actual wage paid a person is a ridiculous thing to be so concerned about if the person is only getting to work ten hours a week.  It doesn't take a great mathematician to see 40 hours at $9 per hour is better than 20 hours at $15 an hour regarding actual economic purchasing power.  The implications of a $15 per hour minimum wage, however, are more stressing in that likely, a working employee would be replaced altogether by a machine, and not have his or her hours reduced.

Robot Chefs Need No Minimum Wage