Ever since Tim Tebow entered the NFL, we have heard the same thing mentioned over and over about Tebow not being able to play quarterback because of his mechanics, or his passing, or whatever else the scouts have said.  But I'm here to say that this is a big mistake.

Tim Tebow
Credit: Huffington Post

How many times over the years have you heard reporters or scouts say that a particular player will not do well in a sport or fit in well with a particular team?  The saying has most likely been around since people have given their opinions and especially when giving their opinions about sports.  I think this is a bad idea.  People are not only playing with someone's career, but it hurts the possibility of greatness.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird came from a small town in Indiana.  He did not win a state title while playing in high school.  After dropping out of Indiana University and finally enrolling at Indiana State University, he lead the team to the NCAA championship game his senior year.  The team finished with a 33-1 record.

Larry Bird
Credit: Photo courtesy Tumblr

Just before Larry's senior season, Sports Illustrated featured him on the front cover saying he was basketball's secret weapon.  He had already played 2 seasons with the Sycamores, so why was he a secret?  No one considered him a threat.  People said Larry couldn't run fast, he couldn't jump, and with him not being a flashy player and not on a nationally recognized team, no one gave him much credit.  Even when he made it to the NBA, there were still doubts because he didn't play any competition while at Indiana State.  Just think of what would have happened had the Celtics not given Larry a chance to play.  Think about the greatness that would have been missed.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis was traded to the Chicago Bulls before the 1995-96 NBA season.  As a part of the original "Bad Boys" of the Detroit Pistons, there was wonder how he would fit in with the Bulls especially with the dangerous exchanges he had with Scottie Pippen.

Dennis Rodman
Credit: US Magazine

The drama that Rodman brought to the table was too much for many teams to bear.  The different color hair, the flamboyant clothing styles, and even the sometime wild style of play on the court were completely opposite from the character of the Bulls.  However, Chicago needed a rebounder and defender since Horace Grant was no longer with the team.  With this addition, the Bulls went on to win another 3 championships.  Think of what would have happened had Chicago not taken a chance on the "drama" that came with Rodman.  Would Michael have won another 3 championships?

Give Tebow A Shot

Being an Alabama football fan, I was fine to see Tebow lose to the Tide.  However, this does not keep me from wanting to withhold a possibility of greatness.  Maybe the scouts are right in that his mechanics and throwing just aren't a right fit for the league.  It cannot be proved unless he plays the game.  From what I have heard, it doesn't seem like money has been a talking point for signing Tim to a team, so the average fan can only assume that the lack of signing is because of the scouts and media.  People may get tired of hearing about how he helped the Broncos in the last half of his last season there, but what else can be said?  The argument of "luck" cannot be made because no other chance has been given to see if that is the case.

I think is it a big mistake playing with a man's career like this.  Give Tim Tebow a chance.