Silver trays have been in use since the 1300's, though the tray as we know it today with a lip around the edge and sometimes handles used for carrying it did not become a popular design until the 1600's. Since that time trays have been used to carry food and drinks to guests and the table. Most silver trays these days are used to set a silver tea set on, or to serve snacks to guests. Rarely are they used for transporting food from the kitchen to the dining tale any more.

There are many different styles of trays made today, although it is surprising how many follow the same design of antique trays. One main difference is that trays used to be mainly circular or rectangular, however now you can find them in a variety of shapes including octagonal. Most have the lip around the edge of the tray, which is often engraved with pictures of flowers, fruits or geometrical designs.

When pricing silver trays you will find that the price will vary according to the weight of the silver and the craftsmanship and design. Generally, however, smaller trays using less silver cost quite a bit less than the larger trays. This is not always the case as it does also depend on the design with an intricately etched tray sometimes costing quite a bit more than a regular plain tray. A silver plated tray will also be less expensive than a Sterling Silver tray.

A silver tray makes a great gift, especially for a silver or 25thwedding anniversary. It is also something that can be given as a wedding present, with or without a silver tea set. A silver tray will cost anywhere from $75 to $150 or more depending on the size and style of tray. They are, naturally, considerably more expensive than stainless steel trays but nowhere near as expensive as a genuine gold tray. You do not usually find silver plated trays, mainly because plating scratches fairly easily making it not that realistic to use for something such as a serving tray, although they are great to use with other tea accessories.

It is well worth buying and keeping a silver tray. With time it will become a collector's item itself. As such, it is a good idea to hand it down to your children. Before too many years have passed they will find that they have something that it worth much more than the value of the silver it is made from. For some reason, silver pieces are always worth collecting as they invariably do become much sought after with time.