Flower Girls
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Each year new trends emerge for Flower Girl dresses and it's important to keep tabs on these changes in fashion to prevent your Flower Girl from wearing something that has become old fashioned. The Flower Girl may not be the star of the show like the bride, but she still plays a vital part in any wedding party.  She, too, makes a statement that expresses the latest color and design.

In fact, the bride needs to consider the Flower Girls dresses to be as important as the dresses she picks for her bridesmaids. Of course, the bride should also keep in mind that the dress should be affordable, as it is the Flower Girl’s parents who have to pay for it.

Here are four of the most frequently asked questions about Flower Girls dresses:

1.  What are the best colors for the Flower Girls dresses?

Out of all the popular colors, pink is the favorite one. Although there are all kinds of pinks, the one most favored is a pale frosted pink.

The second most popular color is white.  Moreover, since the bride is also wearing white, it is quite appropriate for the dress to also resemble the style of the bride's own wedding gown.

In terms of depth of color, pastels are the best choice. Like pink, they are soft and attractive, rather than gaudy.  In pastel colors, the most favored are yellow, green, lavender, and blue. The hues are light or frosty.

There are two reasons why pastel colors are preferred over deeper colors.   The first is that pastels emphasize the feminine qualities of an innocent young girl, rather than reveal her tomboyish streaks. The second is that pastels do not compete for attention with the subtle colors worn by the bride.

However, the rules about pastels are not hard and fast.  During evening weddings or holiday weddings, dark colors harmonize with the ambiance of the wedding.

2.  Does the type of wedding call for different colors and styles for Flower Girls?

The Flower Girl’s dress style is usually a reflection of when the wedding is being held.

If the wedding is in the evening, the bride can choose rather sophisticated garments for her Flower Girls.   For instance, they can wear silver for an evening wedding. Of course, this would not work if the wedding was earlier in the day.

Evening weddings also allow Flower Girls to wear dark colors like ruby red, dark green, dark blue, magenta, and velvet fabrics in black.

Another consideration for evening weddings is warmth, especially in a place where the evenings tend to be cool or cold.  In colder climes, a Flower Girl’s outfit should include a light jacket.

Holiday weddings call for a slightly different style of clothing for the Flower Girl.  Two of the most popular days to hold a wedding are on Valentines or Christmas day.

If the wedding is on Valentine's Day, a bold red is a good choice, but the traditional pink also suits this day very well.

On Christmas Day, the best colors are reminiscent of Christmas like the traditional whites, reds and greens.  Of course, all these colors need not be part of the dress, but can include accessories.  A Flower Girl, for instance, can wear a green dress with a white hair band.

3.  What are the best fashion styles for Flower Girls?

Many famous fashion designers focus on creating exclusive designs just for Flower Girls.  Many of these colors and styles reflect what the bride herself is wearing.

If there is a rule of thumb for Flower Girls it is simply this: the Flower Girl should look like an angelic little girl. In other words, everything should be subtle, feminine, and soothing.

For this reason, the dress should be long and flowing, but not too long because the Flower Girl might trip as she walks down the aisle.  The most popular length is one that drops below the knees but rises above the ankles.

4.  What are the best accessories for Flower Girls?

Accessories are an important aspect of the Flower Girls overall appearance. A beautiful Flower Girl will naturally wear bracelets, stockings, sashes, and flowers.  Accessories from top to bottom can create a pleasing appearance.  A Flower Girl could wear ribbons or bands for her hair and matching socks and shoes for her feet.


By following the suggestions to these common questions, you will be sure to pick the best selection of clothes for your Flower Girls.