I have searched and search for the perfect summertime drink. Trying the gammit of frozen drinks from margaritas to daquiris. Then I sampled a mojito. I believe that my search is over. This drink is absolutely delicious given that it is made correctly.  

mojitoCredit: pixabay.com

Making one involves more than simply pouring some liquid over ice. Here is a recipe that really has some wow factor to it. If you follow this and crush the ingredients enough, you will make a drink that people will request often.

Here are the ingredients that you will need:

10 mint leaves. Make sure it is fresh.
1 shot (1.5 ounces) white rum. A much better drink will be made if a high quality rum is used.
2 tablespoons sugar
Add some seven up, sprite or
1/2 lime cut into wedges

Place the mint, limes and the sugar into a glass. Crush the contents with a muddler. Ensure that the mixture is mixed thoroughly and then add the ice, then the shot and the soda. Mix the drink several times, pour into a rocks glass and then serve.

The soda is just there to add carbonation. Experiment with which one you think tastes the best also experiment with the amount of soda that tastes the best to you. The most important ingredient is high quality rum and fresh mint. 

If you would like to have a blackberry mojito, then add several fresh blackberries into the glass and muddle them along with the mint leaves and lime mixture. You can also make mojitos out of blueberries, manjos, or strawberries. Mojitos can be made out of just about any fruit. Many people prefer to to use fruit for a more exotic drink. Personally, I prefer the blackberry. The tart fruit compliments the mint superbly. Experiment with the amount of blackberries to add. As with any recipe, you will need to adjust the amount of each ingredient to find the taste you are looking for. 

There are two key elements needed to make this drink correctly. The first one is to crush all of the ingredients thoroughly. This takes some effort. This releases the mint oil giving your drink a strong mint taste. 

The second is to mix the ingredients. I like to use a mixing glass and shake for at least 10-15 seconds. Mixing glasses are commercially available, or you can put two glasses together. 

If you look at the photo included you will see that this drink even looks interesting with the mint leaves scattered throughout. If you think it looks interesting, wait until you taste it, you will not be disappointed.