The monokini, perhaps the best revolution in swimwear since the bikini. A monokini swimsuit provides women in two ways. It provides the insecure, unconfident women with a little bit more security because more skin is covered. It provides the confident women an alternative for the bikini and a new way to look hot and sexy.

Some people make the mistake by calling a monokini a coverall swimsuit, a tank suit or even an bathing suit. This is not true because there a lot of diffent monokini designs out there. The newest trend for monokini includes sensational cuts through the monokini which provide discretion but also a sexy look. These cuts highlight the curves and shapes of a women's body which make the monokini an eye catching piece.

Showing up in the mid eighties the monokini was labelled as a pool side fashion statement, but totally impractical for use in water. Modern monokinis are used by women who do not like to swimm as wel as by women who love swimming. Monokini swim wear has become the primary necessitie inside virtually any girl's summer season closet. A benefit for the monokini is that you can wear it when you have an off day, a day that you feel insecure and think others will notice your imaginary extra pounds. Another plus for a designer monokini is that the cuts are to highlight the delicate curves of most girls but may skillfully match with any sarong, beach shorts or even sexy skirt. This way you create an ideal after five swimming pool look or perhaps a fabulous outfit on an all day long music festival or friends get together. You can also accent your monokini with some cute pumps or jewellery.

As the name indicates, monokini swim wear is exactly that, a simple one piece kini as opposed to the bi-kini, the two piece swim suit. Mentioned previously, the monokini is not to be confused along with a total covering one piece better known as the bathing suit. The monokini gives you the self-confidence for your entire body. It has alluring design, beautiful appearances and when wearing it you are guaranteed to get the stares of appreciating onlookers.

In 2007 Borat made a movie about his journey to the U.S. In this funny movie he took away some of the allure of the monokini because he weared a lime green monokini highlighting his mankind. This was not a pretty sight but he made more a fool out of himself than out of the monokini. Are you looking for a trendy, fashionable swim wear that can hide your problem areas but has a sexy look? A monokini is definitely something you must buy. Are you looking for an alternative for the bikini and want to turn heads? The monokini is the one you are going to love!