Man boobs (or Moobs) can be crippling for a man's self-confidence and distort his every day-to-day activities, many complain about not wanting to go swimming and feeling uncomfortable with taking off their tops. This article attempts to solve this issue on three different levels.

First: Cardiovascular exercise, to burn calories and hence result in fat loss.

Second: Muscle development, in order to tone the chest area and increase your metabolic rate.

Third: To reduce inputs of fatty food into the body by changing your diet.

Note: The causes of  Moobs isn't always caused by excessive fat deposits around the pectorals, it can also be called by hormones, so before attempting to lose your Moobs go visit a doctor about them.

Attack One: Cardio

It is crucial that you develop a personal cardio work out (swimming, running, skipping etc.) and stick to it, in order to see significant weight loss around your pectorals. 

Try to incorporate the following ‘High intensive interval training’ method – involve a time period of ’slow’ pace, then a shorter time period of‘medium’ pace and then a even shorter period of 'intensive' sprints, and then gradually fall back into the slower pace time period. Then repeat the process over.

Example One: Running, do a gentle (low intensity) jog for a certain period of time say five minutes, then run (medium intensity) the next three minutes and then sprint (high intensity) for the final minute and then repeat the entire process over. 

Example Two: Swimming, five lengths of gentle breaststroke, 3 lengths of upping the speed and then a final length of sprinting and then repeat the process over again, starting with the five lengths of gentle breaststroke.

You should aim to do this in sets. So in example one, saying you will do 5 sets means that your target is to repeat the above process five times. Then after you become comfortable with five continuous sets for example, you can start to add rest time for the last couple of sets. So at set 6 you will have two minutes rest after the set then start  with set 7, then after set 7 you could have 3 mins resting time etc. Then the further you progress, the more sets you can add.

As you progress you can also increase the time of high pace, medium pace and low pace. For example, when you feel that managing example two has become easier you can not only add sets, but also the amount of lengths that make up a set. So where a set was five lengths low pace, three lengths medium pace, then one length high pace, it could now be seven lengths low pace, four lengths medium pace, then two lengths of high pace.

The amount of cardio you do again depends on the person, but it is suggested that you should at least be aiming for 4 hours of cardio workout a week for most people.

Attack Two: Muscle Development

Now to tone up and increase the size of your pectoral muscles. Here I am afraid there are no short cuts, resistance work to failure is what's needed!

Bench pressing, incline pressing, anything that makes that chest work! I strongly urge you start liking press ups and to mix it up, try incline, decline, one armed etc. again work until failure. Stick to a set routine in line with your cardio work out and then every week slightly upping the weights, the amount of reps and sets. Then after the set routine of resistance do a max set i.e reps until failure. Try to also 'confuse' your muscles by doing different chest workouts and chest exercises.

However, don't just work your chest, by increasing the size and strength of your muscles in just this area of your body, first will make you slightly odd, second youwon't be taking full advantage of increasing your metabolic rate which will lead you to ultimately burn fat even faster. So primarily work on your chest area, but be sure not to neglect other muscle areas, such as your arms, legs etc.

Important: When creating a routine with muscle development and card work outs be sure to have rest days.

Attack Three: Diet

You probably already know what I am going to say.

Stay away from fatty, high sugar and calorific foods!

Aim for plenty of protein to help aid muscle development and fight fat.

Go for your five a day, and more ...

Drink lots and lots and lots of water.

But, I know we are human beings and we like to indulge, so have a special meal once a week where you are allowed to treat yourself to any meal of your choosing as a sort of reward mechanism for surviving the week. This should help with motivating you to keep going!