What is the Moon Dust DNA Watch?

Ever wondered what a watch that costs $450,000 looks like? You'd think it would be loaded with diamonds or other fancy rare jewels. What this watch contains is extremely rare, however nothing like you've ever seen on this earth; this watch contains dust from the moon.

While the most expensive version will be upwards of $450,000 USD, there will be cheaper versions with less moon dust that will be as cheap as $15,000 USD.

Take a peak at this beautiful little time piece!

Moon Dust DNA Timepiece

The watch was designed and built by famous Geneva watchmaker Romain Jerome.

The Moon dust watch was built to celebrate and take advantage of the 40 year anniversary since Apollo 11 landed on the moon with Neil Armstrong and the gang. To do so, they will release just 1969 (the year they landed on the moon) limited copies of the watch. The casing is made from melted pieces of the Apollo 11, the first manned craft to land on the moon. If that isn't enough, the watch face is coated with rock dust combed from the surface of the moon itself. Some of the limited edition watches even have threads from space suits worked into the wrist bands; talk about recycling!