This is magical story about a hero named 'Magic', a four-year-old miniature horse with stunning blue eyes who was brought to an assisted living residence by her owners from 'Gentle Carousel Little Therapy Horses With Big Hearts'. Her owners, Debbie and Jorge Garcia-Bengochea, had trained Magic for two years and they knew the positive effect she could have with people. But they were about to experience something that would reaffirm for them why they named the little horse 'Magic'.

Magic is no ordinary horse. Apart from having a shiny coat and radiant blue eyes, she has a sense when people are in need and will often seek them out. One day she noticed one resident, Kathleen Loper, who had not spoken for over three years. Magic trotted straight over to Mrs Loper who was overwhelmed and suddenly exclaimed out loud, "Isn't she beautiful?". The staff were amazed and some began to cry as Mrs Loper continued to talk to the little horse for the rest of Magic's visit. She has continued to talk ever since that day.

Magic has now become famous around the world being featured in newspapers, magazines and websites. She also won the AARP The Magazine's "Most Heroic Pet Contest" and inspired a children's book which will be released in October, 2011. Her owners have always known there was something special about Magic. When brought in to see one patient who was in a coma the patient awoke as Magic stood by his side. In another sad and touching story, a patient passed away peacefully with his hand resting on her head. One young boy who had surgery for a brain tumour was told he would soon be blind. He held Magic close to his face saying that he never wanted to forget what she looked like.

Magic has warmed the hearts of thousands of sick children and their families. She has allowed them to forget their suffering as they instead focus their attention on petting her and lavishing her with hugs and kisses. Magic is always a calming force for those who need her. She is truly an inspiration to us all. No wonder Winston Churchill said, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a  man."

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Magic the Miniature Horse