Is the Most Comfortable Shoe A Flat?

Flats can be painful on the feet and are not always easy to wear, so much so many people spend hours online and offline trying to find the most comfortable flats. Most women wear flats for a variety of reasons including to walk long distances in and even as a back up shoe when attending a formal party where high heels are the most appropriate.

And while its true that flats can also be notoriously uncomfortable just as much as heels or pumps, the alternative shoe to wear, might be a good flat. And like previously mentioned, not all flats are created the same. Some offer just style. But these comfy shoes offer form and function.

The Most Comfortable Flats for Walking

Cole Haan “Air” Flats: That's right the Cole Haan “Air” Flats, similar to the Air heel is a collaboration between Nike and Cole Haan more than a decade ago to marry the comfort of a tennis shoe and the beauty of a pump. And many people believe that Cole Haan (a Nike company) in fact makes the world's most comfortable shoe (pump or flat).

 So what makes the Cole Haan Nike Air Flat so great?

Well, the shoe has a padded foot bed. The shoe like previously mentioned is cushioned with the latest Nike air technology. You'll also notice that the sole is slightly raided for added comfort. This makes walking long distances in this flat ideal. The flat also isn't to tight around the upper foot and plus size women report also having a good experience with this Cole Haan Nike shoe.

The Nike Cole Haan Air shoe is also ideal for flat or wide feet. I personally suffer from having no arches and wide feet and the Nike air flat is extremely comfortable for walking.

 Tods Flat:

 Though this shoe is by no means cheap, with the average retail price around $300 dollars, women everywhere are loving this flat shoe, not just for its style but for its comfort too. Tods is a designer brand flat that is best known for its driving shoe. Can a driving shoe be comfortable? You bet. It's one of the reasons why women everywhere believe the Tod flat just might be the most comfortable shoe on the market today. The shoe also makes walking comfortable as well and offers state of the art slip resistance that many other flats simply just don't have. Unlike the Nike Cole Haan Air shoe, this may not be the best shoe when suffering from fallen arches or wide or even flat feet, but it is highly regarded as being one of the most comfortable.

 The Toms Flat

Oprah fell in love with this shoe and had many women falling all over themselves just to see the “best ugly shoe” around. Many also claim that the Tom flat is the most comfortable flat ever made. It's an easy slip on and is ideal for walking and standing for long periods of time. Since this shoe was dubbed the best ugly comfortable shoe, The Toms flat has tried to upgrade the styling and has come out with sequence, canvas styles and even bright colors.

 What do you think are the most comfortable flats?