A lot of premises liability cases stem from injuries that are sustained from unfortunate stairs accidents.

This type of accident could have easily been avoided if only proper attention was given to the stairs.

Instead, it ends up in an accident that caused the injury to the victim and probable lawsuits to the property owner.

So if you have a property with multiple levels connected by stairs, it is probably a good idea to check for possible hazards that could cause stairs accidents.

To help you, here are some of the most common stairs hazards:

  • Narrow steps – There are stairs designed to have steps that do not even fit an average person's foot, which makes it prone to trip and fall accidents.
  • Worn out steps – Some stairs, especially those made of wood, will gradually lose their strength and durability over time.
  • Poor lighting – Some of the most common stairs accidents are caused by the poor visibility within the stairs area that prevents the visitor from clearly seeing the steps.
  • Debris – This could refer to a number of foreign objects that could cause a visitor to slip and fall down the stairs. This includes toys, rugs, and water.

Now that you have identified the most common hazards that cause stairs accidents, it is now time for you to address the problem and provide a solution to prevent any more unfortunate incidents.

Here are some tips that you can follow that would prevent many stairs accidents:

  • Add traction – Make sure that the stair steps are not made of slippery materials. You can also add some non-slip material such as rubber treads, vinyl treads and non slip stapes. Carpet tapes are also available to secure carpets in the stairs.
  • Remove debris – Make sure that the stairs are devoid of any foreign objects that could cause slip, trip and fall accidents. Regularly check the stairs for anything out of the ordinary and remove objects like toys and unsecured rugs. You should also check for spilled liquids and make sure that it is properly mopped.
  • Provide adequate lighting – Make sure that the staircase is well lit. Check regularly for worn out bulbs and you can even install luminous strips on the steps to help visitors.
  • Install hand railings – Make sure that the stair's hand railings are secure enough to support passing visitors.

If you want to know more about premises liability cases involving stairs accidents, consult a personal injury lawyer for more information.