We all want to have a good hair day everyday.  Some days are better than others and some days we just need a little bit of help.  If you have severe problems with your hair it may be due to health problems.  However, it is important not to be discouraged because these problems can be fixed.


Dead HairCredit: Morgue File

Dandruff is very common in both men and women.  If you see white flaking from your scalp, it is nothing to be too concerned about.  This is common if you have a dry scalp.  Dandruff is dry dead skin cells on your scalp.There is special shampoo and conditioner you can get to help this problem.

Do you notice that your hair is very brittle and weak and you get split ends quite frequently?  Split ends could simply be due to not getting your hair trimmed as often as you should be.  However, if your hair is brittle it could be caused by dying your hair too much, which is damaging for it.  It could also be due to the sun.  Do you go outside a lot on those hot, dry summer days?  During the summer time, you should be using more conditioner to protect your hair from the sun.


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There is another type of dandruff, but instead of white it is yellow and flakey.  The flakes are usually greasy.  This is a type of skin problem that happens if you have unusually oily skin.  You will need a topical medication to get rid of this hair problem.

Lice is a common hair problem, especially in children.  Most people picture someone with lice that has oily and greasy hair.  This is a common stereotype however, lice like exceptionally clean hair as they have an easier time sticking to it.


BaldingCredit: Morgue FileDo you find yourself losing a lot of hair?  It is common to lose some strands of hair when you are shampooing or brushing your hair however, losing too much may be a problem.  It is estimated that you lose about 100 strands of hair a day, usually you do not notice this unless you are brushing out your hair.  The reason for this is because your hair follicles need to be replaced by fresh new ones.

As you age, balding will start to happen.  Usually balding is hereditary and comes from your mom’s side of the family.   Look at your older relatives on your mom’s side of the family to determine how your hair will look as you age.  If your great grandpa still has a lot of hair, you may be in luck.  If not, you may have balding to look forward to at an early age.  While men start to bald starting at the temples and crown, women usually start by their hair thinning throughout their head.  Luckily with women, baldness isn’t as noticeable.

These are just a few of the most common hair problems.  If you find tat you have a hair problem that is not going away on its own, it is important to go to the doctor to get a diagnose and a treatment.

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